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07 Jun 2016
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Practical Deliverables For Day-to-Day Operations
CEATI serves as a strong technical resource tool across 18 focus areas. CEATI, in conjunction with participating utilities, develops reports to address knowledge gaps and summarize best practices. Below are the some publications from our Transmission and Distribution programs. Should you be interested in finding out more about these reports, please contact us at [email protected].

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TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION (Click here to see all T&D Reports)
Best Practices for the Design of 115-230 kV Overhead Transmission Lines
This report presents information on the design of 115 kV to 230 kV overhead transmission lines, including materials, configurations, insulation, reliability, EMF, and economics. The objectives are to provide a discussion of the factors that must be taken into account in the design of transmission lines and to provide best design practices. It also includes...read more
Commissioning Guide for Transmission Lines
This report documents detailed step by step directions on how to develop a plan to commission newly installed power transmission lines. The guideline identifies the deliverables and tasks owned by the commissioning agent during each construction phase, their roles and responsibilities, and the overall commissioning process to ensure...read more
Design, Installation and Repair of ACSR Conductor Splices
This report reviews the design, installation, failure mechanisms, inspection, and repair practices of ACSR conductor splices in the transmission system. Few standards currently dictate the design and inspection requirements for these, however, improper installation is the number one cause of...read more
Composite Poles In Transmission & Distribution: Experience And Issues
This Guide provides a comprehensive reference for the design, use, and testing of fiber reinforced composite components such as structural poles, cross-arms, and braces applicable for use in the electric power industry. As an integrated resource, the guide was first published in 2008 describing the general requirements for...read more
Utility Asset Management Experiences and Best Practices
This report presents information pertaining to the Asset Management business model and related practices used by electrical utilities, enabling LCMSEA participants to learn from the experience of utilities worldwide. It identifies proven approaches and tools that can be used in...read more
Maintenance Triggers & Intervals
This report presents the outcomes of a benchmarking survey created to identify and document the triggers used by member utilities to initiate specific maintenance tasks for station equipment. Recently completed reports document the maintenance tasks and condition assessment factors used by...read more
Station Battery System Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
This report studies the available battery technologies proven for stationary substation applications, as well as good practices for battery system design, procurement, installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance. The alignment of maintenance practices with NERC requirements is...read more
Evaluation of Physical Security Mitigation Techniques
This report evaluates various security risk reduction techniques and produces a best practices guide. Themes include security risk evaluation, mitigation techniques the effectiveness of these techniques, and common performance measures for...read more
Security of Right of Ways and Linear Assets
Metal theft, vandalism, and ballistic harm are persistent threats to electrical right of ways and linear assets. This report documents technologies and operational measures that utilities have fielded independently over the years to secure these assets. These measures include...read more
Development of a Health and Risk Index Tool for a Station
Electrical utilities are under increasing pressure from regulators to justify the level and prudency of capital and maintenance expenditures. This report presents a methodology for assessing the overall condition of a station by combining the individual asset Health Index formulations with the evaluation of additional factors such as...read more
Grounding System Maintenance Manual
Grounding systems are crucially important components of any power supply system because they impact public and employee safety, supply system reliability, power quality, and life expectancy of power equipment. This report provides guidelines for...read more
Grounding System Health Index Methodology
This report describes the health degradation modes of different components of grounding systems, and reviews the best industry practices for their inspection and testing. The best practices for assessing the health and condition of various components of the grounding systems include...read more
Grounding System Risk in Design, Construction and Testing a New Grounding System
This report summarizes the processes and tools employed in the design, construction and testing of grounding systems. The objective is to identify potential sources of errors that can end with either overly pessimistic (non-optimal) designs, or overly optimistic designs (with unsatisfactory performance). This report identifies...read more
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CEATI International brings electric utility industry professionals together, through focused interest groups and collaborative projects, to identify and address technical issues that are critical to their organizations. Participants can undertake projects that respond to their strategic goals at a fraction of the cost of doing so independently.