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30 Jan 2018

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Practical Deliverables for Day-to-Day Operations
CEATI delivers a strong technical resource tool across 19 focus areas. In conjunction with participating utilities, CEATI develops reports addressing knowledge gaps and summarizing best practices. Below you will find several of our recently published reports. Should you be interested in learning more about these reports, please contact us at [email protected].
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RECENTLY PUBLISHED REPORTS (Click here to see all Reports)
Transmission Line Defect Rating Criteria and Methodology for Rating Defects
Using five defect categories to categorize component conditions, this report addresses asset managers' need for consistent reporting of defects by inspectors. The photo galleries included cover all visual condition aspects for above ground component groups, and were assembled from...read more
Assessment of End-of-Useful-Life Criteria for Substation Secondary Equipment
The rapid rate of technological advancement can mean that a population of like assets may no longer meet the needs of a utility or no longer be able to be maintained, though they may still be fully functional. This report provides utilities with a guideline for the general assessment of EUL of Bay-Level substation automation assets, in order to aid utilities in...read more
Overview and Classification of Synchrophasor-Based Applications
With over 1,700 Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) deployed in the North American grid, numerous PMU-based applications are being developed by vendors, utilities, and academia. This report includes a list of PMU-based applications that are currently deployed, as well as...read more
Evaluation of Transmission Line Steel Structure Coatings
In order to extend the life of steel transmission towers, many utilities are implementing coating programs designed to reinstate their structures’ corrosion protection. This report evaluates past, current, and potential coatings that provide corrosion protection to the above-ground portions of transmission line structures. Information was obtained from...read more
Practical Rollout of Feeder Automation on the Distribution System
Incorporating Distribution Automation (DA) at the feeder level is seen as a viable tool in delivering reliability improvements to customers and to optimize investment in assets; however, there is very little practical information on how to roll out systems in a realistic and cost-effective manner. This report fills that gap by identifying the risks and measures of implementing a DA system and includes...read more
Hydro Generator Turbine Vibration and Balancing Field Guide
This Field Guide explains the theory of mechanical/electrical design parameters as they apply to vibration in operation, maintenance considerations, and vibration related troubleshooting in hydro generator turbines. The knowledge in this guide facilitates...read more
Effective and Secure Protection Settings Data Management and Storage
Due to the growing number of multifunctional numerical protection relays used in the power system, the management of protection settings and configuration data is facing new challenges. This report identifies the functional requirements for an intelligent electronic device (IED) settings database and data management system and reviews the common practices for...read more
Cable Rejuvenation Practices
Cable rejuvenation technology is an alternative to traditional cable asset management measures; the findings of this report can be used as a reference for decision making at various stages of a rejuvenation project. Additionally, this study identifies key knowledge gaps in rejuvenation technologies and practices, and proposes...read more
Best Poles for Distribution Systems
This report compares the characteristics and total ownership costs of various types of commercially available poles used in distribution systems in North America and Europe. Total lifecycle cost is calculated by an algorithm that simulates...read more
Prefeasibility Study on Natural Gas Heat Pumps
Natural Gas Heat Pumps operate similarly to electricity-driven heat pumps, but use gas-fired sources in place of electric compressors to drive refrigerant cycles. This study characterizes the potential for gas heat pump technologies, and assesses space and water heating energy demand among...read more

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CEATI International brings electric utility industry professionals together, through focused interest groups and collaborative projects, to identify and address technical issues that are critical to their organizations. Participants can undertake projects that respond to their strategic objectives at a fraction of the cost of doing so independently.