Energy Storage Week

19 Feb 2019
You are invited to the 2019 energy storage workshop!

Energy Storage: Emerging Technologies,
Use Cases, & Lessons Learned

Meetings and Joint Workshop:
8-12 April 2019 · Birmingham, Alabama

What is the true value of energy storage?

In 2018, energy storage matured into a mainstream asset. Increasing technology options, decreasing costs, expanding use cases, and growing utility deployment have made for a rapidly-evolving energy storage landscape. This new context drives questions about the role of energy storage in supporting DER integration and utility operations as planners, engineers, and operators seek to understand the full value of energy storage.

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Event Breakdown

The Strategic Options for Integrating Emerging Technologies and Distributed Energy Resources Interest Group (SOIG) Meeting will explore new and existing energy storage technologies from a techno-economic forecasting perspective, including topics such as what does the grid need, and how low can the cost of energy storage go?

- April 8 & 9 -

The Energy Storage Workshop will delve into the use cases for generation, transmission, and distribution; the value proposition for energy storage via the stacking of benefits; and a comparison of battery chemistries.

- April 10 -

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The Thermal Generation Interest Group (TGIG) Meeting will discuss the impacts of cycling on the operation & maintenance and the performance of thermal units, as well as the role that utility-scale energy storage technologies can play in mitigating such impacts.

- April 11 & 12 -


The programs offer a forum for utilities, independent power producers, and independent system operators/regional transmission organizations to share experiences and best practices. If you are interested in evaluating how membership to SOIG and TGIG can support your organization, please contact us.

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