Upcoming Fall CEATI Hydropower Events

04 Jun 2019
Check out what’s going on this fall with CEATI’s Hydropower Interest Groups!

Upcoming Fall CEATI Hydropower Events

Check out what’s going on this fall with CEATI’s Hydropower Interest Groups!

Dam Safety (DSIG)

Related image  DSIG General Meeting September 30 – October 1

  • The Dam Safety Maturity Matrix Version 2
  • Dam safety program benchmarking
  • Debris management
  • Seismic analysis of dams
  • Enhanced surveillance and monitoring

Related image  Failure Mode Workshop October 2

    Featuring background on failure modes analysis, findings from the Oroville Independent Forensics Team report, case studies from utilities improving their PFMA process, and group discussions on the future needs of the industry.

Hydropower Operations and Planning (HOPIG)

Related image  HOPIG General Meeting October 3-4

  • Inflow forecasting
  • Hydrologic forecast verification strategies and methods
  • Experiences entering the EIM
  • Adapting to climate change

Hydraulic Plant Life (HPLIG)

Related image  OEM Interface Workshop October 15-16

    Featuring sessions dedicated to improving the quality and timeliness of supplied goods, improving maintenance with design, and increasing the operating range and robustness of new turbine runners.

Related image  HPLIG General Meeting October 17-18

  • QA/QC
  • Testing plan for environmentally acceptable oils
  • Impacts of start/stops and cycling
  • Machine condition monitoring

Asset Management in Generation (AMIG)

Related image  AMIG General Meeting October 28

  • Enterprise risk management
  • KPIs for generation assets
  • Whole life cost models for generation assets
  • Roles and responsibilities within Asset Management

For more information on the above events, please contact us at [email protected]

Exhibitor Hall - CEATI Conference

The 3rd Annual Asset Management Conference will bring together asset management professionals from generation, transmission, and distribution; and innovative thinkers to discuss developments on their asset management journey. Engage with other key stakeholders in the industry, including service providers, consultants, manufacturers, and representatives from over 40 utilities.

Exhibitor Hall - CEATI Conference
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