Upcoming Meetings: Check out what's going on with CEATI's SG, PSPO, and SOIG Interest Groups!

06 Aug 2019
Check out what’s going on this fall with CEATI’s SOIG/PSPO/SG Groups!

Upcoming Meetings: SG, PSPO, and SOIG

Check out what's going on with CEATI's Interest Groups!

Stay up to date with the latest projects and meetings for the Smart Grid (SG), Power System Planning and Operations (PSPO), & Strategic Options for Integrating Distributed Energy and Emerging Technologies (SOIG) groups.

Smart Grid (SG)

Related image  SG General Meeting November 18 in Palm Springs, CA

  • Workforce Skills
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Impacts of Electrification of Public Transit Fleet Vehicles

Related image  Recent Projects

  • Impacts on Distribution System Operations When Integrating DER - GridBright
  • Example Roadmaps for Improving Maturity of DER Management at Distribution Utilities - GridBright
  • Smart Grid Application of Faulted Circuit Indicators (FCI) and Line Sensors – PowerTech

About SG:

The Smart Grid (SG) program focuses on technologies and system software (ADMS, OMS, DERMS, and SCADA) that are essential for modernized operation of the grid, including the related field sensors, ICT, and enterprise IT system integrations. The SG program also concentrates on the requirements for the future operation of the grid in the presence of new technologies and devices on the edge of the grid, including Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and charging stations for electric vehicles, and, the services and transactions that may be offered through internet enabled technologies.

For more information, contact Michelle at [email protected].

Power System Planning and Operations (PSPO)

Related image  PSPO General Meeting November 21 & 22 in Palm Springs, CA

  • Advances in Power System Modelling and Analysis
  • The Use of New Technologies and Tools in the Power System
  • Expanding the Role of HVDC Transmission
  • Integrating Renewable Generation Sources and Storage Technologies

Related image  Ongoing Projects

  • Best Practices for Compliance with NERC Standard TPL-001-004 Transmission System Planning Performance Requirement – Quanta Technology
  • Commissioning and Maintenance Best Practices for HVDC Lines and Converter Equipment – Maintenance (PHASE I) – Teshmont Consultants

About PSPO:

The Power System Planning and Operations (PSPO) program facilitates research and the exchange of technical information and best practices through a committee structure, developing specifications and guides, and focusing on finding solutions to problems of mutual concern to electric utilities, worldwide. The PSPO program exchanges information, ideas and solutions to allow their members to succeed in the ever-changing electric industry.

For more information, contact Michelle at [email protected].

Strategic Options for Integrating Distributed Energy and Emerging Technologies (SOIG)

Related image  SOIG General Meeting November 21 in Palm Springs, CA

  • Energy Storage: Emerging Technologies
  • Energy Storage: Implementation Experiences
  • Energy Storage: Lessons learned

Related image  Recent Projects

  • How Low can the Cost of Energy Storage Go?
  • How Low can the Cost of Solar PV Go?
  • Methodologies to Optimize the Value and Amount of Energy Storage: Economic and Technical Evaluation

About SOIG:

SOIG is an engineering and technology focused program designed to scout, evaluate and demonstrate new generation and conversion technologies. Program scope includes emerging technologies, techno-economic assessments, and operational issues. Key focus areas include energy storage, distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, and remote communities.

For more information, contact Jason at [email protected].

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