CEATI Report Highlight: Best Practices Guide for EHV AC Transmission Lines

22 Oct 2019
CEATI Report Highlight: 3398A

CEATI Report Highlight: 3398A

Best Practices Guide for EHV AC Overhead Transmission Line Design

CEATI International is proud to announce the publication of its ‘one of a kind’ Best Practices Guide for EHV AC Overhead Transmission Line Design - Electrical Aspects. This report was developed through CEATI’s network of internationally renowned industry experts with contributors from North America, South America, Africa, and Europe:

  • Dr. Asim Haldar
  • Dr. José Antonio Jardini
  • Mr. A. C. Britten
  • Dr. Pieter Pretorius
  • Dr. Dale A. Douglass
  • Dr. Igor Gutman
  • Dr. Jan Lundquist
  • Dr. William A. Chisholm

This publication covers the electrical aspects of EHV AC line design, including:

  • Understanding Power Systems
  • Corona Issues
  • EMF Issues
  • Conductor Selection Process
  • Insulation Coordination
  • Lightning

Collaboration is at the heart of CEATI International’s mission, bringing together over 150 utilities to foster innovation through the sharing and development of industry knowledge. This publication is a direct result of such efforts as we continue to grow on a global scale.

The CEATI Overhead Transmission groups enable the free flow of information between electrical utility members. This leads to more efficient business practices and design standards, as well as improved levels of asset management and maintenance, whilst maintaining the necessary safety standards in today’s ever-changing industry.

Work has also commenced on the second volume of this report and will focus on the mechanical aspects of EHV AC Overhead Transmission Line Design. We look forward to presenting another successful publication in the near future.

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