CEATI Report Highlights: Guidance Documents for the Inspection and Maintenance of Penstocks

12 Nov 2019
CEATI Report Highlight: 3398A

CEATI Report Highlights: 0388 & 0393

Guidance Documents for the Inspection and Maintenance of Penstocks

CEATI International is pleased to announce the recent publication of their guidance documents focused on the inspection and maintenance of penstocks. These reports were developed within CEATI’s Penstock Task Force, a dedicated group of over 50 hydropower utilities from around the world, and feature case studies and best practices gathered from:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • United States

Report #0388: Penstock Inspection and Assessment Reference Manual

Published August 2016, this manual provides guidance that can be used by hydropower owners to make informed decisions concerning the inspection and assessment of penstocks. This guide was developed with the integration of two existing ASCE publications: Guidelines for Evaluating Aging Penstocks (1995) and Guidelines for Inspection and Monitoring of In-Service Penstocks (2000). Information from these guides was updated and details on penstock failure modes and risk added. There are four sections in the reference manual:

  • Section 1.0: Evolution of Penstock Design and the Hydroelectric Industry
  • Section 2.0: Initial Penstock Assessment
  • Section 3.0: Detailed Penstock Assessment
  • Section 4.0: Asset Management of In-Service Penstocks

Report #0393: Hydraulic Generating Station Penstock Maintenance and Repair Reference Manual

Published February 2019, this guide is a compilation of best practices on the topics of:

  • Evaluating the Condition of In-Service Penstocks
  • Maintenance and Repair for Penstocks
  • Methodology for the Risk Assessment of In-Service Penstocks
  • Outlining the Failure Causes and Mechanisms of Penstocks and Associated Equipment
  • Outlining the Decision-Making Process and Technical Criteria Related to the Maintenance, Repair, or Replacement of Penstocks

The report also features 10 case studies, including real world examples of penstock failures, repairs, and replacements.

Collaboration is at the heart of CEATI International’s mission, bringing together over 150 utilities across 22 different programs to foster knowledge sharing and the development of best practices and guidance. These penstock reference manuals are the direct result of such collaboration and demonstrate the benefit and importance of participation. For more information on how to get involved, please contact [email protected].


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