Upcoming Group Meetings & Workshop: Asset Management

22 Sep 2020

Asset Management

Upcoming Group Meetings & Workshop

CEATI’s Asset Management in Generation (AMIG) and T&D (SAMP) programs will be meeting this fall!

Come hear from your peers about how to develop, implement, evaluate, and optimize your asset management programs and get organizational buy-in across all facets of the asset management journey.

General Meetings

Related image  AMIG: October 20-21
Related image  SAMP: October 21-22

Target Audience: Asset and Investment Managers and Planners

  • Roundtable Updates on Member Initiatives, Projects, and Challenges
  • Asset Management Plan Development
  • Key Performance Indicators for Asset Management of Generation Assets
  • Asset Management at the Strategic Level
  • Asset Criticality Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Review of Projects and Programming

Asset Management Workshop Series

Related image  October 27-29

Target Audience: Asset and Investment Managers and Planners


  • Risk & Investment Management
  • Planning & Change Management
  • The Future of Asset Management


  • Chasing the 4s: How and Why to Exceed ISO55001 (EA Technology & NYPA)
  • Standardizing O&M Activities and Cost within USACE Civil Works Hydropower Portfolio (Woolpert & USACE)
  • Using Critical Matrix to Measure Relative Impact of Station Transformer Failure (Kinectrics)
  • Developing EPCOR’s Value & Prioritization Framework (METSCO & EPCOR)
  • How to Save a Dollar No Matter What It Costs (EA Technology & Altalink)
  • Application of Asset Management Principles to Wildfire Risk Management (BIS Consulting & PGE)
  • Organizational Change Management in Support of Asset Management (Life Cycle Engineering)
  • Improving Data Through Advanced Statistical Techniques (UMS Group & TVA)
  • The SAMP and, Well, Strategic Asset Management: Evolving Best Practice in North America (AMCL)

For more information, contact Jason at [email protected].