CEATI’s Spring 2021 Hydropower Events

12 Jan 2021

Upcoming Hydro Events in Spring 2021

2020 Hydropower Conference

CEATI's Hydropower Conference has gone virtual!

Sponsored by 90+ utility partners, the Hydropower Conference is a renowned industry event. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact us below.


Register by February 1, 2021 to confirm your spot and receive important details for the Orientation Session on February 16!

There will be a conference orientation session on February 16. More details will be shared with those who have registered for the conference by February 1, 2021.


Dam Safety Interest Group (DSIG) Virtual General Meeting

Related image  February 23-24, 2021

Target Audience: Chief Dam Safety Engineers, Civil Engineers

Presentation topics to include:

  • Debris management in the wake of the wildfires in California
  • Tunnel dewatering project using a PFMA based approach
  • Plunge pool erosion repair and monitoring project
  • Drone based evaluation of concrete impoundment structures
  • Project work on dam safety program benchmarking, training, inundation mapping, and assessment of existing spillways

Hydraulic Plant Life Interest Group (HPLIG)
Virtual General Meeting

Related image March 16-17, 2021

Target Audience: Engineering Directors and Managers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Plant Managers

Presentation topics to include:

  • Safety moment: plant operation near misses during COVID-19
  • Hydroelectric bridge crane rehabilitation case study
  • Remote commissioning of units using voice-controlled cameras
  • New approach to the RFP process with OEMs
  • Building a business case for increasing the voltage of small hydro units
  • Project work on the testing of environmentally acceptable oils, impacts of start/stop and cycling, and machine condition monitoring
  • QA/QC guidance, including remote and virtual inspections and factory inspection tests

Hydropower Operations and Planning Interest Group (HOPIG) Virtual General Meeting

Related image March 23-24, 2021

Target Audience: Operations Managers, Planning and Scheduling Managers, Optimization Managers, Hydrologists, Energy Planning Analysts

Presentation topics to include:

  • Modelling and optimization
  • Case studies of decision support tools, including the development of new models and operational use of existing models
  • Project work on hydrologic forecast competition and streamflow assessment toolkits for changing conditions