CEATI’s Spring 2021 PQAT Events

20 Apr 2021

Power Quality & Advanced Technologies (PQAT) Training Webinar Series

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Ferroresonance in Distribution Systems

Related image  April 28

Presentation by Dr. Rajiv Varma, Professor at the University of Western Ontario

    Presentation topics include:

  • Ferroresonance phenomena and the conditions under which ferroresonance can occur
  • Case studies on ferroresonance incidents in distribution systems worldwide operating at less than 25 kV and up to 50 kV
  • Modeling techniques and mitigative measures for preventing the potential of ferroresonance

PQ Monitoring

Related image  May 6

Presentation by Chris Mullin, Power Monitors, Inc.

    Presentation topics include:

  • Distribution monitoring's instrument abilities such as simple RMS voltage, advanced PQ, and phasor measurement units with form factors suitable anywhere on a feeder
  • Options, tradeoffs, and recommendations on measurement bandwidth and ability, triggering, communications, system data storage, and analysis features

Transients and Sudden Voltage Changes

Related image  May 19

Presentation by Dan Sabin & Jon Bickel, Schneider Electric

    Presentation topics include:

  • PQ transient disturbances and non-power frequency changes in the steady-state condition of voltage, current, or both, which generally last less than once cycle in duration
  • Definitions, causes, and impacts of both oscillatory and impulsive transients in utility, commercial, and industrial electrical systems
  • Grounding, capacitor switching, fuse events, lightning arrestor operation, and intermittent events the precede faults
  • IEEE standards related to transients and common methods used by PQ monitors to capture, categorize, or summarize transients
  • The forthcoming IEEE P2800 related to transients associated with interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER) to electric distribution systems and interconnection of inverter-based resources with electric transmission systems

Power Quality & Advanced Technologies (PQAT)

The Power Quality & Advanced Technologies (PQAT) program provides a forum for collaboration to assist members in providing consistent quality power for their customers. This includes collaboration on tools and methods to more quickly assess PQ events and conditions revealed through the automated analysis of PQ data. PQAT also provides opportunities to influence standards and share the costs of conducting high-quality, cutting-edge research and providing seminars, webinars, and literature on timely PQ topics or other related areas in T&D systems, as well as on the customer side of the meter.

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