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Many dams around the world were designed and built over 50 years ago. As these structures age, the level of safety becomes more difficult to evaluate, particularly where original design and construction details are not known. In addition, foundation and dam degradation occurs for various reasons and many continue to worsen. Moreover, safety and design standards have changed over the years and many of these aging structures must be upgraded to meet current standards. Research is required for the development and evaluation of new diagnostic monitoring tools and techniques in order to assess the stability and safety of existing dams. New repair materials and techniques can reduce the cost of required dam safety improvements.
The Dam Safety Interest Group (DSIG) is composed of dam owners who jointly sponsor research & development projects designed to help assess and improve the safety of dams. Today, the DSIG is represented internationally by participants from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Topics and Issues:

  • Investigation
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Performance Assessments
  • Risk Assessment and Management
Program Services
  • Networking & Information Sharing

    • Annual face-to-face Business Meetings with webinar call-in options
    • 4-5 conference calls and learning webinars
    • Access to a network of ~1,000 electrical utility peers from around the world
  • Industry Benchmarking

    • Requests for Information where your questions or concerns are circulated to other group
      participants with rapid-fire response rates
    • Internal benchmarking surveys for state-of-the-industry intelligence
  • Collaborative Technical Projects

    • The flexibility to support only those projects which are relevant to your organization, meaning you know exactly, where your research dollars are going
    • Supported by CEATI management, participating utilities and consultants work together across all phases of a project’s life-cycle, ensuring your organization receives practical, high-quality deliverables
  • Unparalleled Return on Investment

    • Ability to split project funding costs with other organizations, resulting in highly-leveraged funding opportunities
    • Reduced pricing on published reports, training courses, and industry-open conferences
Project Portfolio

Webinar Library

DSIG Introduction to "The New Generation Liquefaction" Project
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
March 2019
Dam Safety Maturity Matrices training webinar
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
February 2019
PTF Workshop on the Coatings and Linings of Penstocks
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
December 2018
Blockchain and the Utility Sector
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
August 2018
Dam Safety Maturity Matrices Case Study Webinar 2
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
February 2018
Dam Safety Maturity Matrices Case Study Webinar 1
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
February 2018
Dam Safety Risk Management Training Webinar - Level 1
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
August 2017
Upcoming Events
DSIG Fall 2019 General Meeting
Attendance Open to Electrical Utilities   Request Invitation
September - October, 2019 in Garden Grove, CA