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Utility power systems continue to change, and some of these changes can impact the quality of power being delivered to utilitycustomers. The CEATI Power Quality and Advanced Technologies (PQAT) program offers a forum for member utilities to stay on theleading edge of this change. This is done in four ways:

1. Customer Power Quality: The expectations of utility customers continue to rise such that it is becoming less acceptable for theutility representative to say, “I’ll get back to you on the reason for your upsetting event.” In PQAT we discuss and offer projects toimprove the speed and accuracy of diagnosing these events. We also discuss ways to more productively address PQ problems andinteract with customers.

2. Power Quality Monitoring and Data Analysis: As a society we are now drowning in data. This includes the data from power qualitymonitors. In PQAT we are exploring ways to organize, automatically automate the analysis, and quickly report event data forupsetting PQ events.

3. Power Quality Impacts of DER Integration: Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are the single biggest change to traditional utilityinfrastructures. DERs can also have tremendous impact on the quality of electric service offered by utilities. In PQAT we focus onthe PQ impacts of DER topics such as smart inverters, energy storage, safely maximizing system hosting limits, and interacting withcustomers on DER topics.

4. Transmission Power Quality: As solid-state switching devices (SVCs, STATCOMs, Filters) find their way into utility transmissionsystems power quality issues that once were only felt in the distribution system are presenting themselves at higher voltages. InPQAT we focus on these systems by discussing approaches to transmission PQ issues such as harmonics, resonance, PQ standardsas applied to transmission, and pitfalls of intermittent generation.

In addition to these areas of focus the PQAT group welcomes other issues that are sometimes assigned to PQAT members to address,but which are not wholly within the area of power quality.

Topics & Focus Areas

  1. Maintaining quality when hosting DERs
  2. Improving response to customers for upsetting events
  3. Automated analysis of large volume of PQ and other data
  4. Handling PQ Issues int he Transmission system
Program Services
  • Networking & Information Sharing

    • Annual face-to-face Business Meetings with webinar call-in options
    • 4-5 conference calls and learning webinars
    • Access to a network of ~1,000 electrical utility peers from around the world
  • Industry Benchmarking

    • Requests for Information where your questions or concerns are circulated to other group
      participants with rapid-fire response rates
    • Internal benchmarking surveys for state-of-the-industry intelligence
  • Collaborative Technical Projects

    • The flexibility to support only those projects which are relevant to your organization, meaning you know exactly, where your research dollars are going
    • Supported by CEATI management, participating utilities and consultants work together across all phases of a project’s life-cycle, ensuring your organization receives practical, high-quality deliverables
  • Unparalleled Return on Investment

    • Ability to split project funding costs with other organizations, resulting in highly-leveraged funding opportunities
    • Reduced pricing on published reports, training courses, and industry-open conferences
Project Portfolio

Webinar Library

Power Standards Lab's Power Quality Teaching Tool
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
May 2019
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
March 2019
Blockchain and the Utility Sector
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
August 2018
Application of MMC STATCOM for Mitigating Power Quality Issues - PSC Consulting
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
June 2018
Ground Potential Rise at Overhead AC Transmission Line Structures during Power Frequency Faults : CIGRE Technical Brochure TB 694
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
February 2018
Prevention & Detection of High-Impedance Faults and Distribution Apparatus Failures
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
September 2017
Novel Controls of PV Solar Farm during Night and Day for Benefit to Utilities
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
August 2017
Voltage Induction on Pipelines Caused by Power Line Harmonic Currents
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
June 2017
Impact of High Frequency Harmonics on Power System: Proliferation of Larger Apparatus & their Effects - Electric Power Solutions
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
July 2015
A Few Questions about Transformers & Tripping
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
June 2015
Open-loop Synchronization of Islanded Systems
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
May 2015
Impact of Series and Parallel Resonances in Distribution Networks
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
April 2015
Even Harmonic Current Limits
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
March 2015
Non-Destructive Condition Assessment of ACSR Distribution Conductors
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
November 2014
The Power Quality Network
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
July 2014
DG Interconnection Transformer Winding Configurations – Technical Issues and Best Practices
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
May 2014
Impacts of DG on PQ: Comparing Simulations with Measured Results
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
September 2013
Upcoming Events
PQAT 2019 Fall General Meeting
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October 2019 in Montreal, QC
2020 Protection & Control Conference
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April 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, FL