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The electricity industry is undergoing fundamental change in moving from a regulated monopoly to a competitive industry. Low load growth, over-capacity, uncertainty and speculation about the future state of the industry are creating pressures on the availability of capital and the reduction of operating costs.

Now more than ever, there is a need to optimize the use of existing station plant assets and to develop new, lower cost, more efficient and reliable equipment applications. This new reality is complicated by the fact that a significant amount of station equipment in use today has already accumulated 30 or more years of service. Maintenance costs will rise as the inherent reliability of aging plant starts an inevitable decline. At the same time, technological developments in information technology, automation and design improvements raise exciting possibilities and opportunities for a reconfigured electrical grid, enabling more effective monitoring and maintenance techniques. All this is essential in ensuring the reliability of supply, sustainability of operations and affordability of electric service for customers. 

The objective of this Interest Group is to bring together interested parties to facilitate research that will optimize the life cycle management of station equipment and apparatus, reduce costs through collaboration of methods, practices and use of new technologies and to help utilities to plan future development of their stations.

Topics and Issues:

  • Specifications & Testing
  • Condition Monitoring & Assessment
  • Maintenance Practices
  • Prediction of Remaining Life
  • Life Extension Strategies
  • Merging old and new technologies
  • Innovations and developing trends
  • Requirements for future development
Program Services
  • Networking & Information Sharing

    • Annual face-to-face Business Meetings with webinar call-in options
    • 4-5 conference calls and learning webinars
    • Access to a network of ~1,000 electrical utility peers from around the world
  • Industry Benchmarking

    • Requests for Information where your questions or concerns are circulated to other group
      participants with rapid-fire response rates
    • Internal benchmarking surveys for state-of-the-industry intelligence
  • Collaborative Technical Projects

    • The flexibility to support only those projects which are relevant to your organization, meaning you know exactly, where your research dollars are going
    • Supported by CEATI management, participating utilities and consultants work together across all phases of a project’s life-cycle, ensuring your organization receives practical, high-quality deliverables
  • Unparalleled Return on Investment

    • Ability to split project funding costs with other organizations, resulting in highly-leveraged funding opportunities
    • Reduced pricing on published reports, training courses, and industry-open conferences
Project Portfolio

Ongoing Projects

T163700 30/114
State-of-Art Review of Polymer Products Used in Substations
T153700 30/105
Online Monitoring Equipment For Substation Apparatus: State of the Art Review
T153700 30/109
Development of Framework Associated with Data Acquisition and Management for the Creation of a Performance and Diagnostics Center, with a Pilot Project to Prove Concepts
T163700 30/115
Assessment of End-of-Useful-Life Criteria for Substation Secondary Equipment
T163700 30/112
NERC PRC-005 Best Practices for Accomplishing Requirements
T163700 30/113
Translating the Health Index into Probability of Failure
T183700 30/123
Guide for Loading of In-service Aged Power Transformers
T183700 30/125
Design Guide for Station Buswork: Accommodating Additions, Substitutions & Growth of Capacity
T183700 30/129
State-of-Art Review of Mobile Substations
Guide to Risk Management for Station Equipment and Apparatus
Enhanced Diagnostics and Condition Assessment of LTCs
Systematic Approach to Evaluate and Compare Asset Renewal and Capacity Upgrade Projects
Settings Application Guide for Different Types of Monitors
Best Practices in in Station Equipment Commission Testing
Guide to Developing Utility Asset Management Plans for Each Asset
Understanding the Key Factors, Weightings & Prioritization Factors of Health Indices
Evaluating the Advanced Substation Monitoring Capabilities of Digital Fault Relays, Fault Recorders, Power Quality Monitors, and PMU Equipment - Phase II
T183700 30/124
Best Practice for On-site Condition Assessment of High Voltage Instrument Transformers
T183700 30/106B
Criteria for Spare Equipment & Parts - Phase II
T183700 30/107B
Guide for Asset Replacement Strategies with an Asset Management Plan Leveraging a Risk Based Approach - Phase II

Completed Projects

T163700 30/111
SF6 Leakage Management
T163700 30/110
Substation Resiliency Assessment, Design Improvement Considerations and Restorations Planning for Non-Utility Triggered Events
T153700 30/107A
Guide for Asset Replacement Strategies with an Asset Management Plan Leveraging a Risk Based Approach - Phase I
T153700 30/106A
Criteria for Spare Equipment and Parts - Phase I
T153700 30/108
Specification Guide for Medium & High Voltage Disconnect and Ground Switches
T153700 30/104
Station Equipment: Failure Rates
T143700 30/101
State-of-Art Study Review of Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Coatings and Silicone Grease for Substation Porcelain-Insulated Equipment Applications
T143700 3096
Station Battery System Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
T143700 3097
Development of a Health and Risk Index Tool for a Station
T143700 3098
Utility Asset Management Experiences and Best Practices
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Webinar Library

Exelon’s Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Project - Exelon
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November 2017
Best Practices for Strategic Replacement of Substation Assets
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August 2017
Improved Heat Transfer Capabilities with Advanced Transformer Insulating Materials
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July 2017
Asset Investment Planning and Management - Copperleaf Technologies
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October 2016
Best Practices for Asset Condition Assessment of Stations Infrastructure - METSCO Energy Solutions
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August 2016
Asset Management Strategy Development - PowerNex Associates
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July 2016
InfraModex - Financial Analysis Software Specialized in Infrastructure
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June 2016
Animal Protection Interactive Collaboration - Session 2
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April 2016
Animal Protection Interactive Collaboration - Session 1
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April 2016
LCMSEA 2015 Summer
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July 2015
Use and Applications of Lubricants: Advantages and Disadvantages - Dow Corning
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May 2015
Severe Geomagnetic Disturbances and their Impacts to Electric Power Grids
Available to Utilities Only   Get Access
October 2013
Upcoming Events
SEAM 2018 Spring General Meeting
Attendance Open to Electrical Utilities   Request Invitation
March 2018 in Tucson, AZ
SEAM 2018 Spring Workshop: "The Changing Face of Station Maintenance”
Attendance Open to Electrical Utilities   Request Invitation
March 2018 - November -0001 in Tucson, AZ