TUCIG Definition Sheet


Both fluid-filled and XLPE High Voltage Underground cables are an essential part of many urban transmission systems. While they offer a number of distinct advantages in certain environments, they are expensive to maintain and replace. Adding to these maintenance costs, many fluid-filled installations have been in operation since the early twentieth century, and a great number of these systems are being operated outside their original design parameters.

The objective of the Transmission Underground Cables Interest Group (TUCIG) is to provide a forum for the exchange of information on cable asset management and to establish and promote techniques and tools for improving the management of fluid-filled and XLPE High Voltage underground cable systems. The group’s current focus is developing a Reference Manual for Transmission Cable Systems, which will include the compilation of best work practices and procedures for the design, maintenance and operation based on utility experience.

Topics and Issues:

  • Asset Health Index Models
  • Preventative & Corrective Maintenance
  • Strategies for Life Cycle Management
  • Means of Minimizing Environmental Impact
Program Services
  • Networking & Information Sharing

    • Annual face-to-face Business Meetings with webinar call-in options
    • 4-5 conference calls and learning webinars
    • Access to a network of ~1,000 electrical utility peers from around the world
  • Industry Benchmarking

    • Requests for Information where your questions or concerns are circulated to other group
      participants with rapid-fire response rates
    • Internal benchmarking surveys for state-of-the-industry intelligence
  • Collaborative Technical Projects

    • The flexibility to support only those projects which are relevant to your organization, meaning you know exactly, where your research dollars are going
    • Supported by CEATI management, participating utilities and consultants work together across all phases of a project’s life-cycle, ensuring your organization receives practical, high-quality deliverables
  • Unparalleled Return on Investment

    • Ability to split project funding costs with other organizations, resulting in highly-leveraged funding opportunities
    • Reduced pricing on published reports, training courses, and industry-open conferences
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August 2014
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November 2018 in Tucson, AZ