The Women In Power collaborative venture is a networking, mentorship, and peer-to-peer support group that spans across the entirety of the CEATI organization, including all our programs. It aims to promote engineering to women in the field and help females thrive in a male-dominated industry. In an effort to facilitate comradery and networking, this group is currently available to anyone involved in the CEATI programs or events at no added cost.


The goals and objectives of the CEATI Women in Power Group are as follows:

  1. Networking with other women in the industry;
  2. Promoting engineering to women in the field, especially to new engineers and those just starting out in their career;
  3. Sharing common challenges and strategies for overcoming obstacles as females in a male-dominated field;
  4. Brainstorming together to identify common patterns and develop new strategies for educating colleagues/superiors on how to successfully encourage and support females in the field.

In order to address and achieve these goals, the CEATI Women in Power Group offers the following three initiatives:

  1. Face-to-face networking at industry-open CEATI events.
  2. Women in Power Webinar Series, which encourages and promotes the sharing of personal experiences from women in the industry.
  3. Mentoring Triad Program, linking up 3 women at different points in their career (early, mid and late) to facilitate additional networking and communication on a more personal level.

For additional information on this group, or to get involved today, please contact us.

Mentoring Triad

The CEATI Women in Power Mentoring Triad Program connects groups of three or four women at different points in their career within the power industry to facilitate additional networking, share common challenges, and develop strategies for overcoming obstacles. Triads are assembled based upon interests, experience level, and geographical location. Mentoring Triads are required to meet at least once every two months by conference call, but are welcome to communicate on a regular basis. General guidance and discussion topics are provided for the first call.

The first year of this mentorship program will run from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018, at which time the triads will change and others will have the chance to join the program. Please note that those who were unable to participate in the first year will be given priority for the next year.

CEATI will be reaching out to everyone on the Women in Power mailing list in June 2018 to start collecting applications for the second year of the Mentorship Triad. If you wish to get involved next year, please contact wip@ceati.com to join the mailing list. Additionally, CEATI is actively seeking women with 15+ years of experience to join the program to help round-out the mentorship triads for next year.

WiRE - Corporate Partner

Founded in October 2013 by Joanna Osawe & Rebecca Black, WiRe aims to advance the role and recognition of women in the energy sector by forging partnerships between a spectrum of renewable energy industry associations, other related networking groups for professional women from across the energy sector, and academic providers.

Inclusive of all renewable energy and clean technologies, their programming includes capacity-building field trips, free networking meetups, an awards recognition program, student bursaries, speed mentoring, and more!

WiRE National Chapters:

  • Toronto – HQ
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Northern Alberta: Edmonton
  • Southern Alberta: Calgary
  • Central BC: Kamloops
  • Lower Mainland BC: Vancouver
  • Hamilton, ON
  • St. John’s Newfoundland
Upcoming Events
Webinar: Dec 14, 2017

Featured Speaker: Janet Herrin, Chief Operating Officer of Bonneville Power Administration

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Past Events
Past Events
Networking Reception: November 14-15, 2017

Where: CEATI’s T&D Fall Conference in Tampa, FL

Details: Click Here

Webinar: August 28, 2017

Featured Presenter: Carol Wright, President and CEO of Jackson Energy

Brochure/Details: Click Here

Webinar: July 25, 2017

Featured Presenter: Lisa Johnson, CEO of Seminole Electric Cooperative

Brochure/Details: Click Here