CEATI's Hydropower Program is Proudly Supported by 60+ Utilities

The CEATI Hydro program brings together the world’s leading hydroelectric utilities in three distinct areas:

Hydraulic Plant Life Interest Group (HPLIG)
The Hydraulic Plant Life Interest Group (HPLIG) is a collaborative technology focused program designed to assist hydroelectric utilities in their efforts to lower capital and operation costs, extend equipment life, improve efficiency, increase reliability and reduce outage times for equipment repair and maintenance, improve safety and environmental performance, improve risk based asset management decision making, performance evaluation and benchmarking techniques.

Dam Safety Interest Group (DSIG)
The Dam Safety Interest Group (DSIG) is composed of dam owners who jointly sponsor research & development projects designed to help assess and improve the safety of dams. They have found great value in their ability to test and discuss different maintenance, design and emergency response strategies through the forums CEATI provides. Today, the DSIG is represented internationally by participants around the globe.

Hydropower Operations and Planning Interest Group (HOPIG)
The Hydropower Operations and Planning Interest Group (HOPIG) is a collaborative program designed to develop new and innovative technological approaches and options to support the role of the water manager in managing and enhancing the underlying fundamental value of the industry, and to provide a knowledge based leading edge technological resource to assist the hydropower industry in meeting the many new challenges.

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CEATI International brings electric utility industry professionals together, through focused interest groups and collaborative projects, to identify and address technical issues that are critical to their organizations. Participants can undertake projects that respond to their strategic goals at a fraction of the cost of doing so independently.

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