Presenter Guidelines
Presentations should adhere to the Guidelines set forth by CEATI International. Presentation Guidelines Include:
  • Presentations must be submitted in Power Point format (PPT).
  • Presentations will be distributed to attendees in secure electronic (protected PDF) format.
  • Page numbers must be displayed in the lower right hand corner of each Power Point slide.
  • Each Presenter will be allocated 30 minutes of presentation time, including at least 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • Presenters may be asked to participate as Panelists in an Open Discussion concerning the session topic as well as the presenter’s specific presentation.
Important Dates
September 11th, 2015, 4:00 PM ET
Deadline for Presentation Abstracts

November 6th, 2015
Notification of Award to Present

February 26th, 2016
Final Presentations Due
Submission Dates
Presentations will take place for on March 8 & 9, 2016.

The deadline for the submission of Power Point Presentations is February 26th, 2016.

Subsequent to submission, presenters may continue to revise Presentations but must submit their revised files on flash drive at a minimum of one (1) hour in advance of their scheduled presentation time.

Presentations must be submitted electronically to the attention of Lizzie Smith at [email protected]

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CEATI International brings electric utility industry professionals together, through focused interest groups and collaborative projects, to identify and address technical issues that are critical to their organizations. Participants can undertake projects that respond to their strategic goals at a fraction of the cost of doing so independently.

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