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This conference will acquaint attendees with information about state-of-the-art protection and control technologies and inspire new ideas for enhancing power systems efficiency and resiliency.

The 6th Annual Protection and Control Conference will encompass several areas identified by members of the CEATI Protection and Control Program. The conference themes focus on innovative protection system design and maintenance; application and management of modern digital protection relays; management and advanced analytics of large information databases; enhanced integration of DGs and microgrids (specifically in relation to the revised IEEE 1547 standard);  new protection, control and communication technologies; and topics related to hydroelectric generation protection and control technologies.


1. Innovative Approaches for Optimizing Protection System Design, Maintenance, and Replacement Strategies

2. Enhanced Utilization of Modern Digital Relay Capabilities for Station Automation and Smart Grid Applications

3. Technologies and Techniques for Improved Integration of Distributed Generators and Microgrids

4. New Power System Protection, Control, and Communication Systems Technologies

5A. New Ways of Using Power System Data for Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Power Quality Improvement

5B. New and Emerging Protection and Control Technologies for Hydroelectric Power Generators