This conference will provide critical insight into the effectiveness and value of strategic asset management to electrical utilities. Strategic asset management is a holistic approach to asset management that is applied across the entire utility organization/business. It starts with the utility corporate strategy and mission in a unified and coordinated approach across all technical and non-technical areas of the utility. Strategic asset management thus promotes an integrated and value-based approach to asset management. This conference is organized with the support of CEATI’s Strategic Asset Management Program (SAMP).

The conference responds to the increasing pressures utilities face to not only optimize their performance for customers and owners, but also to meet regulatory requirements along with environmental and social expectations.

The 1st Annual SAM Conference is aimed at industry professionals and will bring together leading subject matter experts from around the world. The conference thus provides an exceptional opportunity to network with consultants, manufacturers, and other representatives from electric utilities.

Conference Themes

  • Context of the Organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance Evaluation, and
  • Improvement
Call for Abstracts

We are pleased to announce a Call for Abstracts for the 1st Strategic Asset Management Conference. Experts are invited to submit presentation abstracts on one of the 7 Sessions below.

IMPORTANT – Abstracts are due by 4:00pm ET on March 21, 2017. Abstracts shall be evaluated based on their applicability to the subject matter and their technical merits. Proponents are encouraged to emphasize work conducted for their electric utility clients.

Session 1: Context of the Organization

All activities undertaken within an electrical utility must contribute to the achievement of the corporate strategy and mission. If activities do not contribute to the achievement of the corporate strategy and mission, they are wasteful or injurious to the utility. Strategic asset management originates from the corporate strategy and mission and impacts the activities of all other areas in the utility.


  • Driving Strategic Asset Management from the Corporate Strategy and Mission
  • Integrated Management Approach

Session 2: Leadership

Management and appropriate governance provide leadership and direction to the utility.  Strategic asset management raises the accountability to the highest level of the utility and requires leadership from the top all the way through the levels of management hierarchy for a uniform, cohesive and reliable application of asset management across the entire utility.


  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities
  • Advantages of Electric Utility Application of Strategic Asset Management vs. Application of Asset Management in Technical Areas Only

Session 3: Planning

Planning initiates the investment and operations cycles within utilities. Strategic asset management is a holistic approach that requires the integration and optimization of planning across the organization to ensure all planning aspects have been considered.


  • Asset Life Cycle Approach
  • Normalized Approach to Risk

Session 4: Support

Support contributions involve inputs that are required to fully execute asset management plans outside of the utility’s technical areas. These contributions would include input from senior management oversight, finance, accounting, IT, and human resources. The holistic approach of strategic asset management would encompass the coordination and allocation of support contributions across the utility.


  • Utility and Asset Information Management
  • Information Technology

Session 5: Operation

Operation includes activities that arise from the execution of the utility’s plans, which can range from financing to wrench turning. The strategic asset management approach, driven from the top of the utility organization, provides the integration and synergistic value of a holistic organizational approach to operation.


  • Operation
  • Monitoring and Control

Session 6: Performance Evaluation

Performance involves the efficient and productive execution of work activities. This could include monitoring, reporting, performance measurement, evaluation, and auditing. A strategic asset management approach views performance from a full corporate perspective to ensure all elements affecting performance are included.


  • Business KPIs & AM KPIs and Performance Measures
  • System Health

Session 7: Improvement

 When completing the implementation of any plan, asset management dictates that an assessment should be made to identify how a better plan could have been developed and how it can be implemented in the future.  The strategic asset management approach drives improvement results by examining and evaluating all parts of the utility to formulate integrated approaches to future enhancements.


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Change Management Approach



The 1st Annual SAM Conference invites participation from:

  • Current members of the SAMP program
  • Electric utility asset managers
  • Utility chief operating officers or their support staff who would like to understand the value of approaching asset management from the corporate strategy and mission perspective.
  • Other participants in a utility (e.g. in Finance, IT, and Human Resources) who would like to understand the value in a broader, more holistic approach in strategic asset management.
  • Developers of asset management related products
  • Universities

CEATI Program Participants

This event is organized in coordination with the following Utility Participants.


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Preferred Rate: $TBC (plus applicable taxes).

To receive the preferred rate, please mention the special convention rate for the CEATI International Meeting. Preferred rate only available only until October 1, 2017.

Housing Warning!

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We highly caution you from engaging unauthorized companies because if/when issues arise, CEATI International management does not have the ability to provide assistance in solving them.

Presenter Guidelines

Presentations should adhere to the Guidelines set forth by CEATI International.

Presentation Guidelines Include:

  • Presentations must be submitted in Power Point format (PPT).
  • Presentations will be distributed to attendees in secure electronic (PDF).
  • Page numbers must be displayed in the lower right hand corner of each Power Point slide.
  • Each Presenter will be allocated 25-30 minutes of presentation time, including 5-10 minutes for Q&A.
  • Presenters may be asked to participate, as Panelists, in an Open Discussion concerning the session topic as well as their specific presentation.
  • Please note that all participants, including presenters, are required to register to attend.

Presentation Submission Dates: The deadline for the submission of Power Point Presentations is September, 1st, 2017.

Subsequent to submission, presenters may continue to revise presentations but must submit their revised files on flash drive at a minimum of one (1) day in advance of their scheduled presentation time.

Presentations must be submitted electronically to the attention of Leonor Nonnenmacher at leonor.nonnenmacher@ceati.com@ceati.com