Grounding and lightning issues continue to be an important area of development for the industry, as better ways to design, construct and test grounding and lightning systems meet higher standards and changing industry demands. The Grounding & Lightning Conference is an annual forum for information exchange, with a focus on technical presentations, training and the sharing of ideas and experiences to benefit the industry.

Close to 100 grounding & lightning professionals convened in Scottsdale, Arizona for the 2015 conference. Thirty-two different electrical utilities were represented, making up 56% of the total attendance. Attendees travelled from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Australia and Germany. Among the numerous presentations given by industry experts and utility representatives, the attendees focused on topics related to Grounding, Lightning and Safety. Presentations were divided into the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Pipelines and T&D Lines880253_30650314
  • Session 2: Substation Grounding
  • Session 3: T&D System Grounding
  • Session 4: Personnel Protective Grounding
  • Session 5: Copper Theft
  • Session 6: Lightning Protection & Performance

Following the conference, the Grounding & Lightning Interest Group members participated in a closed-door, utility-only meeting, where they discussed issues pertinent to their organizations in a secure setting.