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For a utility, the building of a Smart Grid enables the connection and participation of customers, services, and new technologies.

The conference will focus on the meaning of a Smart Grid as a platform for all of these things, and what this means to a utility, including operating technology and operating systems, DER integration, IT with OT integration, and network modeling and monitoring.

The conference sessions will cover changing demands on a utility’s operation of the power system in the presence of DER and new technologies and devices on the edge of the grid, smart monitoring of the grid for automated operation in the presence of these new services and things, and the integration of a utility’s operating systems with enterprise IT systems.


  1. Energy Storage and Distributed Renewable Energy Resources’ Integration with the Grid
  2. Operating the Grid by Integrating IT with OT
  3. Cyber Security for the Integration of IT with OT
  4. Network Monitoring and Automation
  5. Network Modeling and Simulations
  6. Communication Technology for the Monitoring and Control of DER