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In order to increase efficiency, minimize resistance losses over long distances and reduce costs, utilities have a vested interest in exploring High-Voltage Direct-Current (HVDC) options and in building Extra High Voltage Alternating Current (EHV AC) transmission lines to deliver power economically from remote, often resource-rich locations to the cities where the majority of people work and live.

Exceedingly high standards of engineering are vital to guarantee the safety, reliability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of these transmission assets, as well as the obligation to ensure compliance with the aesthetic and environmental demands and constraints. To successfully achieve an optimal design requires a thorough understanding of the wire and support systems, including the numerous factors which influence the electrical and mechanical design aspects of the components within these systems.

This Conference shall provide the industry with state-of-the-art information on the best practices for design, construction and maintenance of EHV transmission lines through eight featured sessions led by the experts and authors of CEATI’s report entitled, “Best Practices Guide for the Design of 230kV to 765kV Overhead Transmission Lines”. The Breakout Sessions provide attendees with an excellent platform to exchange knowledge and information on new initiatives and recent technological advancements


  • EMF, Noise & Interference Issues in EHV Line Design – Gaps and Challenges
  • Insulation Coordination in EHV Line Design
  • Lightning Issues and Design Challenges and Mitigation
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation of EHV Line Components & Robotics and UAV in EHV Line Inspection
  • Optimization of Conductor Selection Process – Issues and Challenges
  • Management of EHV Line Assets
  • Mechanical Design of EHV Lines – Issues and Challenges
  • Advances in HVDC Technologies

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