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Grounding and lightning issues continue to be an important area of development for the industry. New and better ways to design, construct and test grounding and lightning systems progress to meet higher standards and changing industry demands. This conference is an open forum for information exchange, technical presentations, and training. It will focus on seven overarching themes that will discuss ideas and experiences for the benefit of the participants and industry as a whole.

Supported by over 35 participating utilities, the Annual Grounding and Lightning Conference brings together leading subject matter experts from around the world, while providing an exceptional opportunity for networking with consultants, manufacturers and representatives from electric utilities.


  • Pipelines and Transmission & Distribution Lines
  • Copper Theft
  • Personal Protective Grounding
  • Distribution & Transmission System Grounding
  • Lightning Protection and Performance
  • Substation Grounding

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This conference is an industry open event, with registration open to:

  • Electric Utilities
  • Consultants, and
  • Equipment Vendors
  • Research Facilities and Laboratories
  • Universities

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