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Course Duration: 3 Days

Course Format: This customized workshop will take you through the steps necessary to move from your current situation to a modernized distribution grid that will exceed your customers’ expectations.

Overview/Intro: Utility executives are accountable for developing the strategic direction of their electric distribution business. Senior decision-makers knowingly or unknowingly holding onto outdated business and technical paradigms impair their ability to realize the future Distribution vision. Those that don’t grasp the magnitude and the urgency of the change place the future success of their distribution business in jeopardy.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) – Distributed Generation, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, and Distributed Storage are some of the components of the wave of the future. Add to this issue the fact that customers’ expectations of service are rapidly increasing and you can understand why Distribution is in trouble. Not only is Distribution in trouble; so is the social compact that has provided the infrastructure for universal service for more than 100 years. What we are looking at here is not just a technology fix. It will be an entire transformation of the Distribution business as we know it.

It is up to the industry to decide whether or not they will adjust to address the changing distribution environment. The choice is simply to engage in an effort to change the distribution and ride the wave of the future to success or to do nothing and stand on the beach and let the wave of change wash over them.

This 3 day workshop is based on CEATI’s project 50/111 “Grid Modernization Roadmap”. The workshop will help you create a roadmap for your Utility to prepare your distribution business for the impending changes. This workshop will be of interest to senior utility executives and managers who are charged with the responsibility of setting the strategic direction for the Utility.

Course Instructor
Eric Valois

Eric Valois completed the Technologist program in the Electric Power Option at Ryerson University in 1975. He is a registered professional Engineer in Ontario, British Columbia and a Certified Management Accountant in British Columbia. He also earned a Master of Business Administration degree at Queens University in 2003.

Eric has 40 years of experience in the electric utility industry in Canada. He has occupied various positions at Ontario Hydro, BC Hydro, Hydro Mississauga and St Catharines Hydro. His experience includes the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of transmission and distribution systems and the operation of run of river hydroelectric generating plants. The last 20 years of his career were spent at BC Hydro where he lead many strategic business initiatives to increase the efficiency of the Utility and increase benefits to customers.

Topics Covered:
CEATI Research “Distribution Roadmap” Report

  • What is changing in the Electric Utility business
  • What should you focus on in the next 10 Years (Report 50/111A)?
    • Technology timeline for next 40 years
  • Is a common infrastructure necessary for success of a modernized grid and how will it be created? (Report 50/111B)?
  • How do you make the case for change from the status quo (Report 50/111C)?

Establishing Your Vision, Mission and Strategic Actions

  • Key stakeholders
    • Perceptions
    • Expectations

Transforming Your Business

  • Assessing Your Success factors
    • Vision
    • Skills
    • Incentive
    • Resources
    • Action Plan
    • Communication Plan

Framework for creating your Grid Modernization Roadmap

  • Overall Scope, Vision and Objectives
  • Use Cases and Workshops
  • Business Value and Business Costs
  • Identifying Other Critical factors
  • Focus Your Results
  • Write it Down and Share it
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