CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T192700 0244
Methodology for Analysing and Managing Floating Debris at Dams and Reservoirs
T173700 4102
Control of weeds in electrical facilities such as substations, switchyards, capacitor stations, and cable termination sites
T173700 30/121
Systematic Approach to Evaluate and Compare Asset Renewal and Capacity Upgrade Projects
T153700 3420
HPFF Joint Casings Corrosion Protection Aging Test
T153700 3717
Soil Resistivity Testing - Phase 2A
T173700 30/119
Guide to Developing Utility Asset Management Plans for Each Asset
T174700 50/118B
Distribution System Health Indices: A Simplified Methodology
T182700 0234B
Dam Safety Maturity Matrices Version 2
T173700 33114
Guidelines for Optical Ground Wire Technology
T183700 3278
TR: Condition Assessment of Overhead Transmission Line Steel Lattice Towers
T182700 0146
Maintenance Optimization Using Risk-Based Tools
T183700 3268
TR: Using Inspection Data to Establish Appropriate Inspection Cycles for Transmission Lines
T184700 5179A
Voltage Induction on Pipelines Caused by Power Line Harmonic Currents - Phase I
T153700 30/109
Development of Framework Associated with Data Acquisition and Management for the Creation of a Performance and Diagnostics Center, with a Pilot Project to Prove Concepts
T174700 50/143
Translating The Health Index Into Probability Of Failure For Distribution Assets
T173700 30/102B
Evaluating the Advanced Substation Monitoring Capabilities of Digital Fault Relays, Fault Recorders, Power Quality Monitors, and PMU Equipment - Phase II
T182700 0242
Toolkit for Standard EAP Exercise Development
T182700 0243
Understanding the Incident Command System – Guidance to Dam Owners/Operators
T144700 50/123
Composite Crossarms Standard
T143700 3398A
Best Practices Guide for EHV AC Transmission Lines (230 kV - 765 kV)