CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T182700 03/103
Technology Review: Testing Plan for Environmentally Acceptable Hydro Plant Oils
T184700 50/148
Wood Pole Refurbishment Technologies – Technology Watch
T182700 0432
Technology Review: Review and Recommendation of Hydrologic Forecast Verification Strategies and Methods
T194700 50/157
Application of Energy Storage Technologies in Power Distribution Systems
T193700 3282
Post Transmission Line Failure Data Collection and Analysis
T163700 33/109
Dynamic Loads on Lines due to Ice Shedding Phenomenon
T193700 3281
Risk Management Practices for Transmission Lines
T184700 5177
Statistical Methods for Aggregating, Characterizing and Assessing Big Data from Distribution Networks
T193700 3725
Guidelines for Grounding of Customer High-Voltage Installations
T182700 0398
Commissioning Guide for Hydroelectric Stations Auxiliary Systems and Equipment
T183700 3423
Advanced Cable Diagnostic Test Techniques for XLPE, HPFF AND LPFF Cable Systems
T183700 3276
State of the Art Transmission Line Live Line Maintenance and Techniques to be Considered for Locations with Restricted Clearances and for Major Rebuilds
T173700 3721
Gradient Control Around Bucket Trucks and Forestry Vehicles
T192700 0245
SPF: Failure Modes Workshop
T184700 50/146
Technical Recommendations for Solar Distributed Energy Resource interconnection analysis
T191700 7070
Energy Efficient Refrigerator Glass Doors for the Commercial Sector
T174700 50/142
Big Data Analytics & Data Model for Asset Management in T&D Systems
T192700 0431B
Technology Review: Hydropower Training Project Phase II
T183700 4103
Powerline Vegetation Management Best Practices within Boreal Forest Caribou Regions
T182700 0547
How Low can the Cost of Energy Storage Go?