CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T172700 0396
Best Practices in the Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Spillway Gates in Northern Climates
T184700 50/150
Surveillance Methods For Inspection Of Critical Distribution Components
T183700 30/129
State-of-Art Review of Mobile Substations
T183700 3399B
State of the Art Report on Design Practices for Long Span/Tall Transmission Tower Systems
T183700 3279
TR: Managing Transmission Line Safety and Reliability Risks through Inspection
T153700 33102
Application of Transmission Structures for Under-built and Other Uses
T183700 30/105
TR: Online Monitoring Equipment For Substation Apparatus: State of the Art Review
T193700 30/131
Asset Intelligence for Root Cause Failure Analysis
T192700 0246
Translation of Structural Safety of Cracked Concrete Dams
T172700 0395
Hydraulic Generating Station Equipment Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Guide
T181700 7069
Analysis of Attribution of Energy Savings at the End of Persistence
T182700 03/102A
Technology Review: Guide to Ensuring Quality for Manufacturing and Installation of Hydroelectric Plant Equipment: What it is, Why do it and How
T183700 30/126
Best Practice Guidelines for Transformer & Station Fire Protection, Spill Containment and Spills Management
T173700 3722
Improvements to Fall of Potential Ground Testing
T184700 50/151
Utility Guide For Inspection And Maintenance Of Distribution Overhead Systems
T182700 0148
Best Practice Guidelines for the Management of Pressure Parts in a Power Plant
T163700 33111
Guidelines for Assessment of Existing Foundations
T163700 33112
Guidelines for Compact Line Design
T082700 0356
Dissection, Condition Assessment and Analysis of Windings Taken From Failed In Service Units
T173700 33115
Innovative Visual Designs of Transmission Structures for Better Public Acceptance