CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T203700 3906
Development of a Protection Standards Framework Guide
T193700 3138
Planning and Operations with a Large Percentage of Renewable Generation
T194700 5180
Frequency Response of Instrument Transformers and Related Systems for Power Quality Applications
T173700 3274
Information Required to Manage the Life Cycle of Transmission Line Assets/Components
T142700 0379B
Operation of Hydro Generators with Bypassed Stator Coils - Phase 2
T143700 3411-2
Transmission Underground Cable Reference Manual: Installation and Inspection
T193700 3509
Physical Security Maturity Matrix Version 2
T193700 3726
Mitigating Step/Touch Voltage Safety Associated with Buried Objects Near Substations
T153700 33/104
Guidelines to Establish Reliability of Existing Transmission Lines
T184700 5178
Enhancing Connectivity of DGs by Control Coordination of Smart Inverters
T182700 03/103
Testing Plan for Environmentally Acceptable Hydro Plant Oils
T184700 50/148
Wood Pole Refurbishment Technologies – Technology Watch
T182700 0432
Review and Recommendation of Hydrologic Forecast Verification Strategies and Methods
T194700 50/157
Application of Energy Storage Technologies in Power Distribution Systems
T193700 3282
Transmission Line Failure Investigations – Guidelines for Collecting Incident Data and Evidence
T163700 33/109
Numerical Simulation of Transmission Line Vibration Caused by Ice Shedding
T193700 3281
Risk Management Practices for Transmission Lines
T184700 5177
Analytical Methods for Aggregating, Characterizing, and Assessing Data from Distribution Systems
T193700 3725
Guidelines for Grounding of Customer HV Installations
T182700 0398
Commissioning Guide for Hydroelectric Generating Stations - Auxiliary Systems and Equipment