CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
9322 U997
Experimental Study of the Performance of Roomsize Electric Thermal Storage
9223 U946
Sussex Health Centre Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
9335 U1036
Safety and Design Guidelines for Wiring in 3 Phase, 4 Wire Customer Distribution Systems
9331 U1035
Electric Water Heater Design for Load Shifting and Customer Retention
9449 U2004
Canadian Motor Market Study
9208 U966B
A Food Industry Guide to CFC and HcFC Refrigeration Phase-Out (Volume II)
9205 U984
Evaluation of Electric Motor Repair Procedures (with Guidebook)
8942 U801A
Monitoring of A Groundwater Source Heat Pump System At Sussex
9258 U985
Microwaves for Processing Environmental Waste
9330 U1034
Identification of Industrial and Commercial Applications of Advanced Motors - A Comparison of Technologies
9327 U988
Variable Speed Drives for HVAC Centrifugal Chillers
9314 U1023
Handbook on Variable Speed Drive Electrical Characteristics
9347 U1026
Ice Rink Demonstration Project - Greenbriar Recreation Centre
9343 U1024
Microwave Disinfection of Hospital Waste
9324 U998
Performance Requirements for Mechanical and Electronic Wall Thermostats
9326 U987
Systematic Study on the Preparation of a Food Grade Soyabean Protein
9336 U989
A Guide to Efficiency Improvements for Industrial Electric Resistance Furnaces
9321 U986
Evaluation of the Performance of Electric Emitters and Radiant Gas Burners
9344 U1070
Action Plan for the Development and Installationof Energy Efficient Processes, Equipment and Techniques in the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry
9229 U967
Ventilation Systems for New and Existing Houses with Baseboard Heating