CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
9342 U1032
Communicating the Value of Electricity to our Customers an Assessment of the Potential for Increased Customer Satisfaction
9202 U921
Blower Efficiency in Domestic Heating Systems
9114 U859F
9255 U965
Training Needs Analysis for Energy Advisors and Data Bank on Available Training Programs
9212 G952
Materials Selection Criteria for Steam Plant Bolting Applications
9144 U899
Direct Expansion Ground Source Heat Pump Monitoring
9301 U994
Opportunities for Home Energy and Environmental Management Systems
9208 U966
Capitalising on the Energy Saving Opportunities Presented by CFC and HCFC Phase-Out in Non-Domestic Refrigeration (Volume I)
9345 U1025
Industrial Relationship Marketing
9231 U964
The Extent of Energy Diversion on Customer Premises for Canadian Utilities
9136 U881
Development of a Commercial Radio Frequency/ Vacuum Kiln for Drying Softwood Lumber
9210 U933
Evaluation of Air Compressor Efficiency and Development of Test Standard
9119 U962
Sensing High Impedence Faults Within ResidentialCircuits
9203 U963
DSM Tracking and Monitoring System-Needs Assessment of Utilities and Cataloguing of Available Systems
9138 U888
Techno-Economic Assessment of Potential Superheated Steam Applications in Canada
9114 U919
Unoccupied Spaces and Wasted Lighting Energy
9218 U947
Development of a Protocol and Catalogue for Existing End-Use Metered Data from Canadian Utilities
9407 U1066
Technical and Market Assessment of Mechanical Coupling and Speed Recuding Devices: Gearboxes,Clutches, Fluid Drives, Belts, Chains and Shaft Couplings
9437 U1068
Evaluation of Reciprocating Air Compressor Technology and Development of a Test Standard
9214 U936
Development of a Small Fluid Pump Performance Standard