CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T083700 3116
Technology Review: Dynamic Loading of Power Lines to Increase Transmission Network Capacity
T093700 3117
Power System Stabilizers - Application, Practical Considerations and Guideline for Tuning
T083700 3115
Maximizing Transmission Capability on Existing Rights-of-Way
T073700 3111
Planning and Operation of Power Systems with Large Percentage of Renewable Energy Resources
T073700 3109
Dynamic Loading and Life Management of Power Transformers
T073700 3110
Transmission Planning Risk Indices
T053700 3106
Use of Lightning Arresters to Protect and Improve Outage Performance of Unshielded Lines
T043700 3105
Transmission System Planning and Operation under Uncertainties, Phase I
T043700 3103
Commitment Techniques for Combined-Cycle Generating Units
T023700 3102
HV Line Arresters: Selection Based on Grounding Impedance of Towers and Position
T013700 3101
Fault Current Management
061 T512
Forecasting of Damaging Lightning Strokes By Radar Observations
366 T1041
Definition of Data Network and Adaptive Protection and Control Functions for Integrated Substation Protection, Monitoring and Control
500 T1050
EMF Exposure System for In-Vitro Screening
347 T958
On-Line Dynamic Security Assessment Post Processing
042 T818
Static Var Compensation of Voltage Flicker From Electric Arc Furnaces
396 T845
Reference Manual for Workshop on Practical Application of Results from CEATI Projects on Conductor Dynamics
330 T673
Atmospheric and Surge Wavefront Effects on Limits of Approach
356 T785
Performance Testing of All-Dielectric Fibre Optic Cables
337 T750
Harmonic Effects on HVDC Control Performance