CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T113700 3073
Review and Summary of Key Standards and Guides for Power Switchgear
T093700 3064
Gasket Seals - Best Practices for Leak Prevention
T093700 3055B
Health and Risk Index Tool for Circuit Switchers, Switches/Disconnects
T113700 3075
Benchmarking of Utility Maintenance Practices for Substation Equipment
T093700 3065
Breaker Failure Modes: Causes, Detection and Monitoring
T103700 3068
Power Circuit Breaker Reference Document
T993700 3011
Prediction of the Remaining Life for Transformer Oil as a First Indicator of Transformer Problems ?
T103700 3066
Cascading Failure of Fuseless Shunt Capacitor Banks – Computer Modeling, Laboratory Testing and Remedial Action
T093700 3059
SF6 Gas Handling and Control
T103700 3057B
Ethylene Production in Power Transformers: Phase II
T083700 3054
Substation Design Sharing Database
T093700 3062
Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM), A Process to Link Engineering Knowledge and Practical Experience to Investment Planning
T083700 3055A
Health and Risk Index Tool for Circuit Breakers
T063700 3041A+B
Optimized Battery and Charger Condition Assessment and Life Extension
T073700 3046
Transformer Failure Modes: Causes, Detection and Monitoring
T083700 3057
Ethylene Production in Power Transformers
T083700 3051
Transformer Repair Facilities and Capabilities
T043700 3031
Wireless Technology for Substation Condition Monitoring
T083700 3053
Substation Equipment Failure/Save Database
T083700 3030B
Ground Grid Corrosion