CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T073700 3050
Review of the State of the Art in Passive and Active Noise Mitigation Technologies for Substation Transformers
T083700 3056
Optimal Management of Aging Substation Assets: Lifecycle Costs and Repair/Replace Strategies, Phase I
T053700 3037
Luminol Oil Ageing Evaluation
T063700 3038
Vibro-Acoustic Tap Changer Diagnostic Demonstration
T073700 3045
Total Ownership Costs of Substation Equipment
T063700 3040A/B
Overview of Statistical Methods, Models and Analysis for Predicting Equipment End of Life
T073700 3047
Common Spare Substation Equipment & Apparatus Database: User's Manual
T073700 3044
SF6 Gas Handling While Maintaining High Voltage Switchgear
T073700 3049
Electrical Protection of Telephone Cables Serving Substations
T073700 3048
Short-Circuit Design Requirements for Power Transformers
T073700 3043
Review and Summary of Key Standards and Guides for Station-Class Power Transformers
T063700 3039
Health and Risk Index Tool for Transformers and LTCs
T063700 3042
End of Life Decision Support Model for Transformer Load Tapchangers
T033700 3027
MV and HV Air Break Disconnect Switch Arc Reach Study
T043700 3030
Identifying and Documenting Existing Substation Ground Grid Detectors
T033700 3028
Evaluation of Online-Offline Techniques to Assess the Need to Replace CB Contacts for All Types (Oil, Air, SF6) of Circuit Breakers
T043700 3034
Identifying and Documenting Existing Electromagnetic Interference EMI Detectors That Forecast Insulation Breakdowns in Substations, Phase I
T043700 3035
Power Apparatus Bushing Condition Assessment and Diagnostics
T023700 3022
Transmission Stations and Transformers - Fire Protection and Prevention
T023700 3023
Transmission and Distribution Transformer Stations – Oil Containment, Spill Prevention and Spill Management