CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T092700 0127
Replacement of Components in Aging Power Plant Boilers & HRSGs - Technical and Material Issues
T092700 0128
Damage to CCGT Plant due to Cyclic Operation
T072700 0124
P91-Inspection, Monitoring, Integrity & Life Assessment
T082700 0125
Damage to Conventional Power Plants Due to Cyclic Operation and Guidelines for Best Practices
T052700 0122
Boiler Tube Erosion in Thermal Power Plants
T032700 0117
Investigation on State of the Art "Expert" Systems for Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant Equipment
T042700 0120
Guidelines for Inspection, Monitoring, Repair and Maintenance of HRSGs - Based on Review of Worldwide Plant and Research Experience
T022700 0116
Artificial Intelligence Demonstration Study, Phase 1
T012700 0114
Boiler Tube and Pressure Parts Inspection and Assessment
9308 G1004
Novel Fossil Fuel Combustion and Power Generation Technologies for Enhanced CO2 Recovery
9303 G1055
Creep Damage in Main and Hot Reheat Steamline Weldments
9205 G928
Corrosion Fatigue of Waterwall Tubes in Fossil-Fuelled Boilers
9145 G911
Development of Biological Markers For Monitoring Neurotoxicity Due To Methylmercury Exposure
9401 G1057
NOx Optimization Potential of Over Fire Air PortRetrofit for Existing Wall-Fired Units
9229 G990
Examination of the Decommissioning Process - Assessing the Environmental Codes of Practice for Steam Electric Power Generation (SEPG) - Decommissioning Phase - PH. I, II & III
9322 G1002
Development of Small Punch Test to Measure Creep Resistance as Nondestructive Evaluation
9428 G1053
NOx/VOC - Application of MC2/ADOM to the Southern Atlantic Region (SAR)
9403 G2000
Evaluation of Materials, Coatings and Overlays for Use in Coal Fired Low NOx Boilers
9157 G909
The Development of Advanced Pipe Welding Technology for In-Situ Pipe Welding in Coal- Fired Power Plants
9253 G1001
Application of Advanced Materials and Processes to Reduce Wear Problems in Coal Fired Power Plants