CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
9336 G1021
Canadian Trace Emissions Project Management - Phase II
516 G515
Research in the Field of Environmental Favourable Coal Combustion
837 G698
Main Steam Lines Quenching and Related Distortions
9039 G816
Assessment of the Nitrous Oxide Formation in Power Plant Plumes - Phases II and III
9212 G952
Materials Selection Criteria for Steam Plant Bolting Applications
9245 G1003
Pilot Scale Trace Element Studies - Phase I
9252 G1015
Identifying and Quantifying Contaminants from Coal Combustion by Thermodynamic Calculations
842 G699
Metallographic Approaches To Creep Life Prediction For Thermal Power Plants
9215 G972
Repair and Refurbishment of Steam Turbine Blading
9203 G942
Bench-Scale Investigations of NOx Oxidation and Removal in Wet Scrubbing Systems
9216 G939
Premature Failure of High Temperature Bolting
522 G826
Site Implementation of An Advanced Steam Temperature Controller For Coal-Fired Boilers (Phase Ii of 522 G 623)
9026 G866
Performance of Analytical Techniques For The Determination of Low-Level Carbonic Acid In Steam-Condensate Cycles of Fossil and Nuclear Power Plants
9130 G949
Testing Methods for Limestone as Sorbents in Dry Injection for PF Boilers
9211 G940
Reducing NOx Emissions by Coal Reburning
524 G524
Retrofit Variable Speed Drive
910 G948
On-Line Coal Analyzer - Phase I
949 G756
Development of Non-Intrusive Instruments for the Measurement of Pulverized Coal Mass Flow and Air Flow in Utility Boiler Coal Pipes - Phase I & II
9133 G897
N0x Modelling in Utility Boilers - Phases I & II
9115 G898
Environmentally Benign Condenser Tube Cleaning Agent