CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
9134 G864
Machine Condition Monitoring: Ozone Device for Air Cooled Generators
9236 G906
Canadian Trace Emissions Project Management - Phase I
9011 G824
Comparative Analysis of Advanced Power Generation Cycles - CEA Advanced Power Generation Data Book - 6 Volumes
9141 G890
Investigation of Advanced Ash Management Technologies for CFBC and LIFAC Residues
9131 G891
Activation/Reuse of Fluidized Bed Waste
818 G660
Reburning With Sorbent Injection For So2 and Nox Control
931 G760
Development of an Advanced Hanger Rod Load Measurement Approach for Routine Use on Thermal Power Plant Boilers
954 G855
Evaluation of Other Amidogen Sources
9201 G907
Crystal Growth Modifiers for FGD By-Product Gypsum
844 G727
Development of Vibration Criteria For Acceptance of Diesel Generating Sets Larger Than 100 Kw
9019 G814
Survey of Sorbent Injection Processes
9117 G877
N0x/V0C/Ozone Modelling Studies - Comparing I-D and 3-D Models
942 G795
Water Use and Treatability of Waste Waters from Limestone Scrubbers
726 G627
Development of a Strain Gauge Based On-Line Structural Integrity Monitoring System for Fossil-Fuelled GS
956 G796
Computer Modelling of In-Furnace S02 and N0x Removal Processes
822 G713
Evaluation of Advanced Limestone Slurry Flue Gas Desulphurization Processes Volumes I+II Pricing For Set of 2 Volumes
802 G661
Activation and Recycling of Wastes from In-Furnace Slurry Injection
824 G714
Sulfation Model For In-Furnace Calcium- Based Sorbent Slurry Injection
815 G664
Pulse Jet Baghouse Operation - User Survey
816 G712
Mechanism and Rate of Reaction During Humidication of Sorbent Injection Reaction Projects