CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
817 G700
High Temperature Reduction of Nox In The Presence of Excess O2
940 G772
Optimization of Burners to Achieve Minimun NOx Emissions
734 G643
The Investigation of Dry Deposition Processess--Phase III: Participation In A Eulerian Model Field Study and Evaluation (Emfse) Program
913 G730
Laboratory Investigation of Phosphate Chemistry Under High Pressure Utility Drum Boiler Conditions
805 G640
Development of A Guide For The Design of Fugitive Emissions Controls At Coal- Fired Plants (Volume I: Overview Document) and (Volume II: Operator's Guide)
915 G740
Pulse-Jet Baghouse Performance Improvement with Flue Gas Conditioning
819 G674
Characterization of Nox In Utility Flue Gases: Study
921 G757
High Temperature Turbine Blade Repair - Phase I
735 G662
Ammonia Regeneration of Weak Base Anion Exchangers In Utility Plants
936 G771
Mini-Pilot Selective Catalytic Reduction System for Utilization at Canadian Electric Utilities - Phase I
903 G729
Determination of Potential for Steam Generator Erosion as a Result of Injection of Sorbent into Boilers for S02 Capture
703 G607
Tightening Strain Measurement Techniques For High Temperature Bolting
946 G775
Improved Conventional Testing of Power Plant Cables
836 G728
Environmental Noise Emissions From Thermal Generating Plant: A Survey of Sources, Legislation and Control Methods
910 G739
On-Line Coal Analyzer
812 G695
Review of Nox Control Technologies For Fossil Fuel Fired Generating Stations - Volume I+II Pricing For Set of 2 Volumes
522 G623
An Advanced Steam Temperature Controller in Coal-Fired Generating Units
702 G606
In-Situ Non-Destructive Inspection of High Temperature Bolts
811 G659
Evaluation of Intergrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle For Canadian Utility Applications
905 G696
CO2 Emissions: Perspectives and Future Options for Canadian Electric Utilities and the Coal Industry