CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T184700 5178
Enhancing Connectivity of DGs by Control Coordination of Smart Inverters
T184700 50/148
Wood Pole Refurbishment Technologies – Technology Watch
T194700 50/157
Application of Energy Storage Technologies in Power Distribution Systems
T184700 50/146
Technical Recommendations for Solar Distributed Energy Resource interconnection Analysis
T174700 50/142
Big Data Analytics & Data Model for Asset Management in Transmission & Distribution Systems
T184700 50/150
Surveillance Methods for Inspection of Critical Distribution Components
T174700 50/145
Direct Buried Duct Vs. Concrete Encased Duct Housing for Primary and Secondary Cable
T184700 50/151
Utility Guide For Inspection And Maintenance Of Distribution Overhead Systems
T184700 50/152
Detecting High Impedance Faults on Overhead Distribution Systems
T184700 50/153
Framework for Deriving Failure Probability Functions for Underground Cables
T174700 50/141
Inspection Techniques for In-Service Indoor and Outdoor Distribution Terminations
T184700 50/149
Impact On Worker Safety Of Distributed Energy Resources Connected To The Distribution Grid
T174700 50/118B
Distribution System Health Indices: A Simplified Methodology
T184700 5179A
Voltage Induction on Pipelines Caused by Power Line Harmonic Currents - Phase I
T174700 50/143
Translating The Health Index Into Probability Of Failure For Distribution Assets
T144700 50/123
Composite Crossarms Standard
T184700 50/147
Evaluation Of Online Monitoring Technologies For Distribution Assets - Technology Watch
T174700 50/144
Testing Based Condition Assessment of Medium Voltage Distribution Cables
T174700 50/140
Grid Modernization Snapshot
T164700 50/133
System-wide Reliability Forecast Model