CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T174700 50/144
Testing Based Condition Assessment of Medium Voltage Distribution Cables
T174700 50/140
Grid Modernization Snapshot
T164700 50/133
System-wide Reliability Forecast Model
T163700 30/113
Translating the Health Index into Probability of Failure
T174700 50/139
Asset Management Practices For CEATI Distribution Line Asset Management (DLAM) Utilities
T164700 50/135
The Best Poles for Distribution Systems
T164700 50/136
Practical Roll-Out of Feeder Automation on the Distribution System
T154700 50/129
Cable Rejuvenation Practices
T154700 50/130
Current Practices and Future Trends in Distribution System Hardening for Extreme Weather Events
T164700 50/138
Potential Future Business Models for Distribution Utilities
T164700 50/134
Mitigation of Negative Impacts of Solar & Wind DG Connections in Distribution Systems
T164700 50/137
Potential Future Operating Models For Distribution Utilities
T154700 50/120B
Laying the Foundation for Grid Modernization Investments
T154700 50/132
MicroGrids – Opportunity or Threat for your Distribution System
T144700 50/121
Bonding of Telecommunications Sheath/Messenger to the Power Neutral
T154700 50/128
Investigation of Smart Inverters
T143700 3710
Review of Distribution System Grounding Practices and Rules
T143700 3711
Investigation of Effective Ground Impedance Measurement to Mitigate Distribution System Operating Parameters
T154700 50/131
Life Expectancy of Smart Grid Equipment
T144700 50/127A
Assessment/Test Methodology of In-Service Pole Line Anchors