CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T191700 7070
Energy Efficient Refrigerator Glass Doors for the Commercial Sector
T181700 7069
Analysis of Attribution of Energy Savings at the End of Persistence
T161700 7068
Pre-Feasibility Study on Gas Heat Pumps
T161700 7067
Estimating Associated Peak Demand Savings from Energy Conservation Measures
T161700 7066
Residential HVAC Zoning Controls
T141700 7065
Energy Efficiency Guides Revision 2013: Electric Motors (7017B) and Variable Frequency Drives (7025)
T131700 7063
Energy Savings in Buildings with Energy Management Systems
T131700 7054B
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Calculator Tool Development: Calculator Enhancement
T101700 7051
Motor Efficiency Estimating Tool for AC Three Phase Induction Motors Based on Uncoupled Motor Testing
T131700 7062
Energy Benchmarking Model for Refrigerated Warehouses
T134700 7064
Inventory and Energy Savings Estimates for Residential Self-Programmable Thermostats
T121700 7059
Review of Packaged Roof Top Equipment (RTU) Upgrades for DSM Utility Programs
T101700 7053
Efficiency Testing of Switched Reluctance and AC Permanent Magnet Motors
T121700 7061
Energy Efficient Lighting Guide Update
T121700 7058
Best Practices Guide for Measurement and Verification of Demand Response
T131700 7060
Life of Energy Efficient Measures
T091700 7049
Low-Exergy Climate Adapted Buildings and Technologies Study
T121700 7057
Utilities Guide to Plug Load Proliferation in Residential Markets
T111700 7054
Variable Speed Drive Calculator Tool Development
T111700 7056
Best Practices for Solid State Lighting and Adaptive Control Technologies for Street Lighting Utility Rates