CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T203700 3727
Grounding of Concrete Walls and Foundations
T193700 3726
Mitigating Step/Touch Voltage Safety Associated with Buried Objects Near Substations
T193700 3725
Guidelines for Grounding of Customer HV Installations
T173700 3721
Gradient Control around Bucket Trucks and Forestry Vehicles
T173700 3722
Improvements to Fall of Potential Ground Testing
T173700 3724
Step and Touch Coordination during Substation Expansion
T163700 3719
Precision Assessment of Power Line Response to Lightning
T153700 3715A
Minimum Separation Between Underground Pipelines and Electric Utility Grounding Systems - Specification and Modeling
T173700 3723
Rating and Placement of Working Grounds
T153700 3717
Soil Resistivity Testing - Phase 2A
T163700 3720
Methodology for Lightning Performance Improvement
T133700 3708
Performance Review of Gradient Control Mats
T163700 3718
Ensuring the integrity of Working Ground Connection Points in Stations
T153700 3716
Personal Protection Grounding Reference Guide
T143700 3713
Best Practices in Rehabilitating Deficient Grounding Grid Performance
T144700 50/121
Bonding of Telecommunications Sheath/Messenger to the Power Neutral
T143700 3710
Review of Distribution System Grounding Practices and Rules
T143700 3711
Investigation of Effective Ground Impedance Measurement to Mitigate Distribution System Operating Parameters
T143700 3259
Guide for Condition Assessment of Lightning Arresters Installed on Transmission Lines
T143700 3712
Substation Grounding Design Review Spreadsheet