CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T182700 0432
CPF: Review and Recommendation of Hydrologic Forecast Verification Strategies and Methods
T192700 0431B
CPF: Hydropower Training Project - Phase II
T182700 0431
CPF: Hydropower Training Project
T172700 0430
CPF: Roadmap for Applied Statistical Analysis Techniques for Hydro Generation and Runoff
T162700 0429
CPF: Benchmarking of Ensemble Streamflow Forecast Usage in Hydropower Planning
T152700 0427
CPF: Hydro Operations and Planning Maturity Matrix
T152700 0426
CPF: Applied Statistical Analysis Techniques for Hydro Generation and Runoff
T162700 0428
Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers Ice Study
T112700 0422
Risk Informed Decision Making Framework for Hydro Project Operation under High Inflow Conditions: Accounting for Uncertainty and Risk
T132700 0424
CPF: Outage Planning Maturity Matrix - Methods & Processes for Minimizing Monetary Impacts from Outages
T132700 0425
CPF: Review of Data Screening Methods for Discharge/Inflow Time Series
T122700 0423
CPF: Water Management Data Dissemination and Reporting
T112700 0421
CPF: Integration of Radar & Satellite Participation Estimates into Rain and Snow Gauge Networks
T112700 0420
CPF: Impact of Wind, Temperature and Other Environmental Factors on Reservoir Evaporation Losses
T092700 0416
CPF: Benchmarking Performance Optimization
T092700 0417
CPF: Real-Time Turbine Flow Measurement Technology For Power Plant Operations
T082700 0415
CPF: Water Management Research Initiatives
T082700 0412
CPF: Hydrometric Gauging: Standards and Practices
T082700 0414
CPF: Hydrologic Data Quality Assurance
T072700 0408
Assessment of Inflow Forecasting Tools