CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T162700 0393
Hydraulic Generating Station Penstock Maintenance and Repair Reference Manual
T142700 0389
Vibration and Alarm Settings for Hydro Machines with Hydrodynamic Guide Bearings
T162700 0392
Technology Review: Hydro Turbine Generator Vibration and Balancing Field Guide
T122700 0386
Commissioning Guide for Hydroelectric Generating Stations
T142700 0390
Hydro Generator Rewind Guide
T152700 0391
Technology Review: Hydro Turbine Generator Start/Stop Cost Study
T132700 0388
Penstock Inspection and Assessment Reference Manual
T122700 0385
Electrical Overhaul Guide for Hydroelectric Turbine Generators
T112700 0373
Hydro Unit Stator Core and Rotor Pole Replacement / Refurbishment Criteria
T122700 0381
Technology Review: Hydroelectric Turbine-Generator Units Guide for Erection Tolerances and Shaft System Alignment (Update)
T112700 0379
Phase 1 - Operation of Hydro Generators with Bypassed Stator Coils
T112700 0380
Hydro Generator - General Maintenance and Inspection Guide
T112700 0343B
Technology Review: Brushgear Maintenance Guide
T122700 0382
Technology Review: Criteria for the Identification and Selection of Environmentally Acceptable (EA) Lubricants
T082700 0357
Hydro Turbine/Generator Shaft Stress Analysis Methods and Limitations
T112700 0376
Safe Protection of Hydro Unit Operating at Runaway Speed
T112700 0375
Technology Review: Hydraulic Unit Excessive Headgate Leakage Measurement, Prevention Methods and Materials
T112700 0370
Technology Review: Grounding and Bonding Best Practices
T082700 0358
Short Converging Intake Comparative Flow Rate Measurement Tests at Kootenay Canal
T082700 0362
Technology Review: Headgate and Spill Gate Bushing Wear Assessment