CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T182700 0398
Commissioning Guide for Hydroelectric Stations Auxiliary Systems and Equipment
T172700 0396
Best Practices in the Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Spillway Gates in Northern Climates
T172700 0395
Hydraulic Generating Station Equipment Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Guide
T182700 03/102A
Technology Review: Guide to Ensuring Quality for Manufacturing and Installation of Hydroelectric Plant Equipment: What It Is, Why Do It and How
T082700 0356
Dissection, Condition Assessment and Analysis of Windings Taken From Failed In Service Units
T182700 0397
Technology Review: Best Practice Guide for the Operation and Maintenance of Cranes and Lifting Equipment
T162700 0393
Hydraulic Generating Station Penstock Maintenance and Repair Reference Manual
T142700 0389
Vibration and Alarm Settings for Hydro Machines with Hydrodynamic Guide Bearings
T162700 0392
Technology Review: Hydro Turbine Generator Vibration and Balancing Field Guide
T122700 0386
Commissioning Guide for Hydroelectric Generating Stations
T142700 0390
Hydro Generator Rewind Guide
T152700 0391
Technology Review: Hydro Turbine Generator Start/Stop Cost Study
T132700 0388
Penstock Inspection and Assessment Reference Manual
T122700 0385
Electrical Overhaul Guide for Hydroelectric Turbine Generators
T112700 0373
Hydro Unit Stator Core and Rotor Pole Replacement / Refurbishment Criteria
T122700 0381
Technology Review: Hydroelectric Turbine-Generator Units Guide for Erection Tolerances and Shaft System Alignment (Update)
T112700 0379
Phase 1 - Operation of Hydro Generators with Bypassed Stator Coils
T112700 0380
Hydro Generator - General Maintenance and Inspection Guide
T112700 0343B
Technology Review: Brushgear Maintenance Guide
T122700 0382
Technology Review: Criteria for the Identification and Selection of Environmentally Acceptable (EA) Lubricants