CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T193700 3139
Energy Storage as a Transmission Asset
T203700 3140
Converting an AC Transmission Line to DC
T193700 3138
Planning and Operations with a Large Percentage of Renewable Generation
T183700 3136
Best Practices for Compliance with NERC Standard TPL-001-004 “Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements"
T183700 3137
Maintenance Best Practices for HVDC Lines and Converter Station Equipment
T163700 3132
Voltage Sensitive Load Loss: Guide to Planning Studies and Mitigation Factors
T173700 3134
Impacts on Transmission System Operations When Integrating DER
T163700 3133
Fault Current Management at the Medium Voltage Level (15-50 kV)
T173700 3135
Investigation, Control and Mitigation of SSTI and SSCI Between HVDC Installations and Wind Turbines or Turbine Generators
T163700 3131
PMUs: New Applications and Disturbance Monitoring
T153700 3129
Transmission Planning with Emerging Technologies
T123700 3127
Wear and Tear Impacts of Renewables
T153700 3130
Predict the Amount of Voltage Sensitive Load Lost During Contingencies
T133700 3128
Short Circuit Contribution of Renewable Generation
T123700 3125
Dynamic Models for Electric Power Systems in Renewable Resource Integration Studies
T123700 3126
New Capability Applications Based On Synchrophasor Measurements
T103700 3120
Calculation of Short Circuit Currents, Their Attenuation and Corresponding X/R Ratios
T113700 3124
New York State Power Grid Geomagnetic Storm and E3-HEMP Threat - Vulnerability Assessments
T103700 3123
Criteria for Tapping Bulk System Transmission Lines for Load Supply and Generation Connection
T093700 3119
Effects of Shift-Work and Potential Interventions