CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T183700 30/129
State-of-the-Art Review of Mobile Substations
T183700 30/105
TR: Online Monitoring Equipment for Substation Apparatus: State-of-the-Art Review
T193700 30/131
Asset Intelligence for Root Cause Failure Analysis
T183700 30/126
Best Practice Guidelines for Transformer & Station Fire Protection, Spill Containment and Spills Management
T183700 30/123
TR: Guide for Loading of In-service Aged Power Transformers
T183700 30/130
Design Guide for Station EMI Protection
T163700 30/114
State-of-Art Review of Polymer Products Used in Substations
T183700 30/125
Design Guide for Station Buswork: Accommodating Additions, Substitutions & Growth of Capacity
T183700 30/124
TR: Best Practice for On-site Condition Assessment of High Voltage Instrument Transformers
T173700 30/120
Understanding the Key Factors, Weightings & Prioritization Factors of Health Indices
T173700 30/116
TR: Guide to Risk Management for Station Equipment and Apparatus
T173700 30/118
Best Practices in in Station Equipment Commission Testing
T183700 30/107B
Guide for Asset Replacement Strategies with an Asset Management Plan Leveraging a Risk Based Approach - Phase II
T173700 30/121
Systematic Approach to Evaluate and Compare Asset Renewal and Capacity Upgrade Projects
T173700 30/119
Guide to Developing Utility Asset Management Plans for Each Asset
T153700 30/109
Development of Framework Associated with Data Acquisition and Management for the Creation of a Performance and Diagnostics Center, with a Pilot Project to Prove Concepts
T173700 30/102B
Evaluating the Advanced Substation Monitoring Capabilities of Digital Fault Relays, Fault Recorders, Power Quality Monitors, and PMU Equipment - Phase II
T173700 30/122
Enhanced Diagnostics and Condition Assessment of LTCs
T163700 30/112
NERC PRC-005 Best Practices for Compliance
T163700 30/115
Assessment of End-of-Useful-Life Criteria for Substation Secondary Equipment