CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T192700 0549
Maximizing the value of energy storage systems: economic and technical evaluation of use cases and benefit stacking
T182700 0547
How Low can the Cost of Energy Storage Go?
T152700 0530E
Biomass Torrefaction Evaluation Program - Utility Scale Test Burn
T162700 0541-2
Microgrid Scoping Study Volume II - Additional Tasks
T172700 0544
Integration and Coordination of Energy Storage within Microgrids
T174700 0543
How Low Can the Cost of Solar PV Go?
T162700 0542
Leveraging Fast-Ramping Capabilities Beyond Frequency Regulations
T152700 0541-1
Microgrid Scoping Study
T132700 0540
Energy Storage Scoping Study
T142700 0538-2
Agricultural Biomass Torrefaction Research Program, Phase 2: Assessment of Grinding and Densification Characteristics of Torrefied Agricultural Biomass Fuel
T132700 0530D
Biomass Torrefaction Evaluation Program - Phase 2
T122700 0539
Assessment of the Potential for Hydrokinetic Technologies
T072700 0516
Development and Monitoring of a 60kW Kinetic Underwater Flow Turbine
T122700 0538
Agricultural Biomass Torrefaction Research Program
T112700 0537
Emerging Energy Technologies: Technical and Economic Assessment
T122700 0535
PEV Deployment: Policy Paper from Utility Perspective
T122700 0536
Canadian PEV Charging Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines
T102700 0529
Conversion of Waste Heat to Electricity: Technology Review and Assessment of Potential Applications
T092700 0525
Compressed Air Energy Storage Pre-Feasibility Study
T042700 0510
Griffiss Biomass Gasification Feasibility Study