CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T162700 0144
Best Practice Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance of Steam Condensers and their Auxiliaries
T17200 0145
Technology and Economic Evaluation Methodology for Fast and Flexible Generation
T152700 0142
On-Line Monitoring and Evaluation of Critical Components
T142700 0141
Guidelines for the Re-Commissioning of Coal-Fired Power Plant
T142700 0140
Impacts of Cyclic Operation on Maintenance Programs
T142700 0139
Reliability and Performance Issues with Combustion Turbines
T132700 0138
Primer on Power Plant Asset Management
T132700 0136
Guidelines for Conversion of Pulverized Coal Fired Units to Natural Gas
T132700 0137
Preservation Guidelines for CCGT & Conventional Power Plant during Short & Long Term Shutdowns
T122700 0135
Impact of Cycling/Two shift Damage on the O&M Cost and Reliability of Natural Gas-Fired Combined Cycle (NGCC) Power Plants
T112700 0133
Assessment of Potential for Increasing Thermal Efficiency of Existing Generating Units
T112700 0131
Boiler Tube Failure Prevention and Management
T112700 0134
CRN Mutilpollutant Control (MPC) Technology Demonstration
T102700 0129
Utilization of Fossil Plant CO2 for the Production of Syngas for Synthetic Fuels and Chemicals
T112700 0132
Evaluating the Benefits of Optimized Condenser Cleaning
T032700 0118
Operation and Maintenance Issues with Advanced Combustion Turbines
T092700 0127
Replacement of Components in Aging Power Plant Boilers & HRSGs - Technical and Material Issues
T072700 0124
P91-Inspection, Monitoring, Integrity & Life Assessment
T052700 0122
Boiler Tube Erosion in Thermal Power Plants
T032700 0117
Investigation on State of the Art "Expert" Systems for Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant Equipment