CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T153700 33/104
Guidelines to Establish Reliability of Existing Transmission Lines
T163700 33/109
Numerical Simulation of Transmission Line Vibration Caused by Ice Shedding
T183700 3399B
State of the Art Report on Design Practices for Long Span/Tall Transmission Tower Systems
T153700 33/102
Application of Transmission Structures for Underbuilt and Other Uses
T163700 33/111
Guidelines for Assessment of Existing Foundations
T163700 33/112
Guidelines for Compact Line Design
T173700 33/115
Innovative Visual Designs of Transmission Structures for Better Public Acceptance
T153700 33/105
CPF: Integrity Testing of Concrete Drilled Shaft Foundations
T173700 33/116
Review of Sensor Technologies in Monitoring Foundation Movements, Vibration Detection, Insulator Leakage and Ampacity
T153700 33/106
Performance and Control of Vibrations of HTLS Conductors
T163700 3270
New Below Ground Coatings For Direct Embedded Steel Pole Transmission Line Structures And Assessment Of Existing Coatings And Methods Of Repair
T173700 33/114
Guidelines for Optical Ground Wire Technology
T143700 3398A
Best Practices Guide for EHV AC Transmission Lines (230 kV - 765 kV)
T173700 3272
CPF: Guidelines for Managing Transmission Line Clearances
T173700 33/113
Understanding and Development of a Database for Line Failures
T143700 3395
Optimal Placement of Anti-Cascading Structures in Overhead Line Design
T163700 33/108A
Impact of Climatological Influences on Overhead Line Design
T153700 33/101
State of the Art report on Designing Transmission Lines for Wet Snow Accumulation
T153700 33/107
Guide for Transmission Line Foundations with Least Impact to Environment
T153700 33/103
Seismic Effects on Transmission Lines and its Major Components