CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T173700 3421
Transmission Spare Cable Strategy: A Laboratory Assessment of Aged Cables Taken from Spare Cables Stored on Cable Reels
T143700 3411-2
Transmission Underground Cable Reference Manual: Installation and Inspection
T183700 3423
Advanced Cable Diagnostic Test Techniques for XLPE, HPFF and LPFF Cable Systems
T183700 3422
Review of CEATI Health Index Rating and Weighting System
T153700 3420
HPFF Joint Casings Corrosion Protection Aging Test
T173700 3418B
Submarine Cable Route Maintenance, Revised
T143700 3419
Guide on Factory Inspection and Test Plans for Manufacturing and Delivering XLPE Transmission Cable Systems
T133700 3417
Guide for Development of Business Cases for Replacement of Transmission Cable Assets
T113700 3415
Manhole Entry Safety Practices and Technology
T123700 3416
Best Practices Guide to Underground Power Cable Real-Time Thermal Rating Systems
T103700 3411-1
Transmission Cable Reference Manual: Chapter 1 - Maintenance
T083700 3406B
Acceptable Vibration Limits and Forces in the Vicinity of Underground Cables, Phase II
T073700 3414
Grounding and Bonding in Underground Cable Maintenance Work
T063700 3405B
Cable Health Index Software, Phase 2
T093700 3410
Reliably Predicting Underground Cable Life from Endurance and Breakdown Tests
T063700 3404
On-Line Partial Discharge Measurements and Off-Line Dielectric Spectroscopy Measurements of Six 115 kV Oil-Filled Cable Systems
T083700 3406A
Acceptable Vibration Limits and Forces in the Vicinity of Underground Cables, Phase I
T063700 3405
Cable Health Index Software
T053700 3402
Guide for the Selection of AC Transmission Underground Cable Systems
618 G605
Investigation of Cable Fire Protective Coatings