CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T202700 0249
Seattle City Light: Owner Dam Safety Program Audit and Peer Review using the DSMM
T193700 30/135
Guide for Condition Assessment of Service Aged Power Transformers using Dielectric Frequency Response
T203700 3905
Digital Substation Handbook
T204700 3807
Network Modeling and Data Governance
T193700 30/133
Development of Reference Standard of RCM Worksheet for Substation Assets
T201700 7071
Energy Management Best Practices for Cannabis Warehouses and Greenhouses
T202700 03/106
CPF: Hydraulic Generation Stations Machine Condition Monitoring and Control Equipment
T201700 7072
Gas Heat Pumps: Pre-Feasibility Study and Measurement & Verification Best Practices
T182700 03/104
CPF: Establishing a Standard Methodology to Evaluate Start/stop and Cycling Costs and Impacts
T192700 0247
Ice Loads on Dams
T183700 3903
Technical Review For The Setting And Verification Of Power System Stabilizers As Part Of Generator Excitation Control Systems
T183700 30/134
Arrester Temperature Monitoring System Development and Potential Commercialization
T203700 30/136
Optimal Practices for Substation Maintenance
T203700 3284
Emerging Technologies for Enhancing the Application of UAS
T192700 03/101
Best Practice Guide for Maintaining Hydro Generating Station Power System Electrical Connections
T202700 0237B
Dam Safety Essentials for Engineers - French Translation
T182700 0601
Hydro Generation Guideline for Enterprise Risk Management
T202700 0151
Technologies to Improve Plant Performance: An Industry-Wide Review
T194700 50/154
Innovative Techniques to Reduce O&M Costs
T172700 0394
Hydro Generator Stator Winding Flammability Study