CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T184700 50/152
Detecting High Impedance Faults on Overhead Distribution Systems
T153700 33/105
Technology Review on Integrity Testing of Concrete Drilled Shaft Foundations
T183700 30/123
TR: Guide for Loading of In-service Aged Power Transformers
T173700 33/116
Review of Sensor Technologies in Monitoring Foundation Movements, Vibration Detection, Insulator Leakage and Ampacity
T184700 50/153
Framework for Deriving Failure Probability Functions for Underground Cables
T183700 3136
Best Practices for Compliance with NERC Standard TPL-001-004 “Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements"
T153700 33/106
Performance and Control of Vibrations of HTLS Conductors
T183700 3137
Commissioning and Maintenance Best Practices for HVDC Lines and Converter Equipment - PHASE I (Maintenance)
T183700 30/130
Design Guide for Station EMI Protection
T163700 30/114
State-of-Art Review of Polymer Products Used in Substations
T133700 3248
TR: Transmission Line Component Replacement Criteria Based on Component Condition
T183700 30/125
Design Guide for Station Buswork: Accommodating Additions, Substitutions & Growth of Capacity
T152700 0237
Dam Safety Essentials for Engineers
T163700 3270
New Below Ground Coatings For Direct Embedded Steel Pole Transmission Line Structures And Assessment Of Existing Coatings And Methods Of Repair
T182700 0397
Technology Review: Best Practice Guide for the Operation and Maintenance of Cranes and Lifting Equipment
T174700 50/141
Inspection Techniques for In-Service Indoor and Outdoor Distribution Terminations
T183700 30/124
TR: Best Practice for On-site Condition Assessment of High Voltage Instrument Transformers
T173700 3724
Step and Touch Coordination during Substation Expansion
T184700 50/149
Impact On Worker Safety Of Distributed Energy Resources Connected To The Distribution Grid
T163700 3719
Precision Assessment of Power Line Response to Lightning