CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T162700 0542
Leveraging Fast-Ramping Capabilities Beyond Frequency Regulations
T163700 33108A
Impact of Climatological Influences on Overhead Line Design
T172700 0240
Operational Safety of Dams and Reservoirs Seminar
T153700 3263
Conditioned Based Asset Management of Overhead Line Infrastructure-A Probabilistic Framework
T163700 30/113
Translating the Health Index into Probability of Failure
T173700 3135
Investigation, Control and Mitigation of SSTI and SSCI Between HVDC Installations and Wind Turbines or Turbine Generators
T173700 3275A
TR: Standardization of OHTL Inspection Data Collection (Mobile Applications)
T163700 3269
Methods to Assess the Condition of Stockbridge and Spacer Dampers and Identify Installations with Reduced Damper Life Expectancy
T17200 0145
Technology and Economic Evaluation Methodology for Fast and Flexible Generation
T163700 3267
TR: Inspection Methods (Visual) for Transmission Line Assets/Components with an Emphasis of Collecting Complete and Accurate Data
T174700 50/139
Asset Management Practices for Distribution Utilities
T142700 0389
Vibration and Alarm Settings for Hydro Machines with Hydrodynamic Guide Bearings
T173700 3418B
Submarine Cable Route Maintenance, Revised
T143700 3258
Evaluation of Transmission Line Steel Structure Coatings
T164700 50/135
The Best Poles for Distribution Systems
T162700 0392
Technology Review: Hydro Turbine Generator Vibration and Balancing Field Guide
T164700 50/136
Practical Roll-Out of Feeder Automation on the Distribution System
T163700 30/115
Assessment of End-of-Useful-Life Criteria for Substation Secondary Equipment
T163700 3266
TR: Transmission Line Defect Rating Criteria and Methodology for Rating Defects
T163700 3131
PMUs: New Applications and Disturbance Monitoring