CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T183700 30/125
Design Guide for Station Buswork: Accommodating Additions, Substitutions & Growth of Capacity
T152700 0237
Dam Safety Essentials for Engineers
T163700 3270
New Below Ground Coatings For Direct Embedded Steel Pole Transmission Line Structures And Assessment Of Existing Coatings And Methods Of Repair
T182700 0397
Technology Review: Best Practice Guide for the Operation and Maintenance of Cranes and Lifting Equipment
T174700 50/141
Inspection Techniques for In-Service Indoor and Outdoor Distribution Terminations
T183700 30/124
TR: Best Practice for On-site Condition Assessment of High Voltage Instrument Transformers
T173700 3724
Step and Touch Coordination during Substation Expansion
T184700 50/149
Impact On Worker Safety Of Distributed Energy Resources Connected To The Distribution Grid
T163700 3719
Precision Assessment of Power Line Response to Lightning
T153700 3715A
Minimum Separation Between Underground Pipelines and Electric Utility Grounding Systems - Specification and Modeling
T163700 3902
Guide for IEC 61850 Standard Applications
T173700 30/120
Understanding the Key Factors, Weightings & Prioritization Factors of Health Indices
T183700 3422
Review of CEATI Health Index Rating and Weighting System
T183700 3277
TR: Infrared Transmission Line Inspection Guide
T173700 3723
Rating and Placement of Working Grounds
T173700 30/116
TR: Guide to Risk Management for Station Equipment and Apparatus
T173700 30/118
Best Practices in in Station Equipment Commission Testing
T183700 30/107B
Guide for Asset Replacement Strategies with an Asset Management Plan Leveraging a Risk Based Approach - Phase II
T192700 0244
SPF: Translation of Methodology for Analysing and Managing Floating Debris at Dams and Reservoirs
T173700 4102
Control of weeds in electrical facilities such as substations, switchyards, capacitor stations, and cable termination sites