CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T163700 3131
PMUs: New Applications and Disturbance Monitoring
T143700 3901
Effective and Secure Protection Settings Data Management and Storage
T154700 50/129
Cable Rejuvenation Practices
T153700 30/106A
Criteria for Spare Equipment and Parts - Phase I
T163700 30/111
SF6 Leakage Management
T153700 33101
State of the Art report on Designing Transmission Lines for Wet Snow Accumulation
T161700 7068
Pre-Feasibility Study on Gas Heat Pumps
T173700 3271
TR: Condition Assessment of Transmission Line Concrete Foundations
T143700 3257
Statistical Data and Methodology for Estimating the Expected Life of Overhead Transmission Line Components
T153700 33107
Guide for Transmission Line Foundations with Least Impact to Environment
T163700 4101
The Business Case for Herbicide Use in Integrated Vegetation Management Programs
T152700 0142
On-Line Monitoring and Evaluation of Critical Components
T163700 30/110
Substation Resiliency Assessment, Design Improvement Considerations and Restorations Planning for Non-Utility Triggered Events
T154700 50/130
Current Practices and Future Trends in Distribution System Hardening for Extreme Weather Events
T152700 0235
Dam Safety Risk Management Training
T153700 33103
Seismic Effects on Transmission Lines and its Major Components
T153700 3129
Transmission Planning with Emerging Technologies
T164700 5173
Electrical Energy Storage in Distribution Systems for Mitigation of Power Quality Issues
T161700 7067
Estimating Associated Peak Demand Savings from Energy Conservation Measures
T161700 7066
Residential HVAC Zoning Controls