CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
T122700 0386
Commissioning Guide for Hydroelectric Generating Stations
T164700 5174
Impact of Mass Penetration of LED Bulbs and Small Device Chargers on Distribution Networks
T152700 0427
Technology Review: Hydro Operations and Planning Maturity Matrix
T122700 0230
Grouted Post-Tensioned Rock Anchor Assessment
T163700 3718
Ensuring the integrity of Working Ground Connection Points in Stations
T142700 0390
Hydro Generator Rewind Guide
T123700 3127
Wear and Tear Impacts of Renewables
T152700 0391
Technology Review: Hydro Turbine Generator Start/Stop Cost Study
T152700 0236
Dam Safety Technology Roadmap
T153700 30/108
Specification Guide for Medium & High Voltage Disconnect and Ground Switches
T133700 3249
TR: Guide to Optimizing Transmission Line Asset Replacement
T143700 3256
TR: Guide for Cathodic Protection of Transmission Line Structures
T153700 30/104
Station Equipment: Failure Rates
T153700 3716
Personal Protection Grounding Reference Guide
T154700 50/120B
Laying the Foundation for Grid Modernization Investments
T154700 50/132
MicroGrids – Opportunity or Threat for your Distribution System
T144700 5142C
Harmonic Distortion Level Evolution at Residential PCC in North America, Phase III
T153700 3261
TR: Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Inspection Methods and Data Collection for Transmission Lines
T152700 0426
Technology Review: Applied Statistical Analysis Techniques for Hydro Generation and Runoff
T133700 3393
Dynamic Response of Transmission Lines under Wind