CEATI has over 150 projects underway at any given time. Below is a list of completed projects developed for Electrical Utilities.

Keywords / Number    
Static Ice Loads on Hydro-Electric Structures: Field Measurements Made at the Seven Sisters and Pine Falls Generating Stations During the 1996-1997 Winter
Static Ice Loads on Hydro-Electric Structures: Ice Loads Monograph No. 2
510 G514
10kw Photovoltaic/Diesel Power System Demonstration Not Available
705 G595
Experience In Pulveriser Coal Fires and Explosions Outside USA
659 G618
Power Systems Characterization of Chemical Substances
804 G644
Technical Options For The Disposal of CFBC Solid Wastes
000 G158
Application of Manual Weld Scanner
00 G272
Behaviour of Ice Covers Subjected To Large Daily and Level Fluctuation - Project Review - Concepts and Analyses Volumes I+II+III+IV and Appendices
011 D135
Lightweight Reinforced Concrete Pole
149 D491B
Minimizing Pole Top Transformer Tank Failures
9048 G945
310 G31
Development of An Effective Nde Method To Detect Areas of Lack of Bond Between Mating Surfaces of Fibreglass Piping
508 G31
Material Related Problems & Challenges In Power Engineering Devices
527 G31
Battelle Stack Gas Program
601 G569S
Database of Environmental Monitoring Equipment (6 Diskettes)
196 GEIA
Ecological Basis For Environmental Impact Assessment In Canada
228 GSOA
Current Federal & Provincial Environmental Legislation In Canada
939 GSOA
Acid Rain: A Discussion Paper For The Canadian Electrical Association Research and Development
989 GSOA
Acid Rain - A Discussion Paper
991 GSOA
Wear Particle Analysis By Ferrography