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Project: T132700 #0136

Recent economic and environmental factors have created a growing interest in developing options on how best to leverage existing coal power plant assets. Recent environmental regulations require that many existing coal power plants invest in air quality control system upgrades to permit their continued operation. The recent decline in natural gas prices has driven greater interest in the use of natural gas for power generation. There is a desire to re-use existing coal plants since they are likely fully paid for, fully depreciated and can provide generation capacity. One of the methods of leveraging existing coal plant assets while using natural gas is to convert an existing coal boiler to burn natural gas. 

This study presents a guideline for the conversion of an existing coal fired boiler to natural gas for use by utilities and project developers. The focus of this study is to present a detailed evaluation of the technical factors and issues that must be considered when evaluating and executing the conversion of coal fired systems to natural gas. The study addresses various boiler designs and their impact on conversion. 


Thermal Power Plant, Boiler Conversion, Coal Combustion, Coal to Gas Conversion, Natural Gas Combustion